amata pleas for extra incentives

Amata pleas for extra incentives

Thailand’s Amata Corporation has asked for special incentives from the Vietnamese government for investment projects located inside its proposed $2 billion hi-tech park and township complex in the northern province of Quang Ninh.
eu investments stymied

EU investments stymied

The Eurozone crisis may hamper investments from Eurozone nations to Vietnam, as the euro’s depreciation makes investments in Vietnam more expensive.
vietnam betting on more casinos

Vietnam betting on more casinos

Vietnam is betting on the development of casinos to boost the country’s tourism growth and make it more competitive against other tourism destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Macau. Ngoc Linh writes.
vsip looks to expand quang ngai investment

VSIP looks to expand Quang Ngai investment

Industrial land and township developer VSIP will expand the first phase of its VSIP Quang Ngai amid rising investments in the central region.

Samsung’s investments upheld amid profit drop

Despite the fifth consecutive quarter of declining operating profits, Samsung Electronics remains committed to maintaining its multi-billion dollar investment plan in Vietnam, which is its biggest manufacturing base in the world.
top firms strive to redress skilled worker shortage

Top firms strive to redress skilled worker shortage

Amid the shortage of skills in the Vietnamese workforce, many foreign companies have invested in training courses in the Vietnamese education system to bring about improved workforce quality and productivity.
new criteria for hi tech investments

New criteria for hi-tech investments

Hi-tech inward investments are expected to surge following the issuing of a new government shortlist of prioritised technologies and hi-tech products and eased criteria for enterprises to enjoy the most preferential incentives.
thacos engine making ambition suffers major hiccups

Thaco’s engine-making ambition suffers major hiccups

Truong Hai Auto Corporation’s dream for manufacturing auto engines has come to an end – at least temporarily – with Chu Lai Economic Zone Management Authority revoking the investment certificate for its engine manufacturing project.
amata eyes binh dinh industrial and urban complex

Amata eyes Binh Dinh industrial and urban complex

Thai industrial land developer Amata Corporation PLC is planning to study a new project in Binh Dinh province, where Thailand’s national oil and gas firm PTT has earmarked for the construction of its $22 oil refinery and petrochemical complex.
quang ninh signs off on rent a port ip port project

Quang Ninh signs off on Rent-A-Port IP-port Project

Belgium’s Rent-A-Port and its partners including InfraAsia Investment and International Port Engineering Management last week received an investment certificate for developing a port and industrial park complex in Quang Ninh province.
foreign investment it system ready

Foreign investment IT system ready

As the national foreign investment information system will be enacted in 2015, Foreign Investment Agency director Do Nhat Hoang further explains to VIR’s Ngoc Linh the system’s importance to the authorities and investors alike.

Thailand’s PTT closes on $22 billion oil refinery deal

experts call for integration strategy

Experts call for integration strategy

Analysts are urging the government to issue a comprehensive global integration strategy in response to the challenges and opportunities arising from the many free trade agreements soon to come into effect.
air freight takes flight on recovery

Air freight takes flight on recovery

Booming exports have seen Vietnam attract growing interest from global cargo airlines.
improved business climate in the spotlight

Improved business climate in the spotlight

The newly amended laws on Investment and Enterprises promise to open up opportunities and improve the business climate in Vietnam, but worries over how strictly these laws will be implemented still hang over the business community. Ngoc Linh reports.