hoan my medical group dominates achsi awards

Hoan My Medical Group dominates ACHSI Awards

Two hospitals from Hoan My Medical Group were recognised for their innovative patient-centric projects at the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) Quality Improvement Award on December 7.
angry residents taking aim at daewon hoan cau

Angry residents taking aim at Daewon-Hoan Cau

Local people are outraged that the construction of 200 apartments by the joint venture between South Korea’s Daewon and Hoan Cau has caused structural damage to their properties.
hanoi releases algae to revive hoan kiem lake

Hanoi releases algae to revive Hoan Kiem Lake

The State-owned Hanoi Sewage and Drainage One Member Limited Company said it has released green algae into Hoan Kiem Lake to revive the unique green colour of the lake.
hanoi to prolong hoan kiem pedestrian streets pilot

Hanoi to prolong Hoan Kiem pedestrian streets pilot

Hoan Kiem District People's Committee Vice Chairman Dinh Hong Phong said the pedestrianisation of the area around Hoan Kiem Lake would continue, based on the positive evidence so far.
officials consider revising hoan kiem lake street closures

Officials consider revising Hoan Kiem Lake street closures

The times for residents and visitors to relax lakeside and see the gorgeous, green view of Hoan Kiem Lake – without those obnoxious cars and motorbikes zooming past beeping their horns – is coming up for revision.
collagen maker vinh hoan dares to dream big

Collagen-maker Vinh Hoan dares to dream big

Last year, seafood company Vinh Hoan (HoSE: VHC) only earned 95 per cent of its target revenue. One main reason was that the target revenue from collagen and gelatine, extracted from pangasius, proved more difficult to reach than expected.
hanoi builds six star hotel by hoan kiem lake

Hanoi builds six-star hotel by Hoan Kiem Lake

Construction started on January 17 on the six-star Four Seasons Hotel downtown Hanoi by investor Intimex Vietnam Joint Stock Corporation of the Bank and Real Estate Group (BRG) Corporation and its strategic partners.
hanoi to offer free wifi around hoan kiem lake

Hanoi to offer free wifi around Hoan Kiem Lake

The Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT) will provide free wireless Internet (wifi) signals along pedestrian streets around Hoan Kiem (Sword) Lake and adjacent areas under the approval of the Hanoi municipal People’s Committee.
vietnams giant turtle in hoan kiem lake dies

Vietnam’s giant turtle in Hoan Kiem Lake dies

The legendary turtle of Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake died on the afternoon of January 19, a source has told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.
battle looms over proposed hoan kiem cultural centre

Battle looms over proposed Hoan Kiem cultural centre

A project to build a four-storey cultural centre 12 metres from Hoan Kiem Lake has resurfaced after four years of consideration and heated debate.
hoan kiem district etched with historical and cultural significance

Hoan Kiem district etched with historical and cultural significance

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem district showcases the rich tapestry of the historical and cultural heritage in time-honoured Thang Long - Hanoi.
hoan my medical group and siemens healthineers enter partnership

Hoan My Medical Group and Siemens Healthineers enter partnership

On June 19 in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoan My Medical Group, a leading private healthcare network in Vietnam, and Siemens Healthineers, a German medical technology giant, signed an MoU to advance healthcare services in Vietnam.
khai hoan lands journey to becoming major real estate brand

Khai Hoan Land’s journey to becoming major real estate brand

Still relatively new to many people, Khai Hoan Land has marked the brand's outstanding development in 2021 by joining the stock market. From this critical milestone, the company aims to constantly bolster its mission and social role to reach its sustainable development goals.
khai hoan land promoting reading culture in remote communities

Khai Hoan Land: Promoting reading culture in remote communities

In recent years, many schools in remote and mountainous areas have sought to comprehensively develop library systems to provide more books for teachers and students. Through the Khai Hoan Bookcase project, Khai Hoan Land has brought millions of books to children in remote areas with the mission of bringing new knowledge and an educational foundation to the communities, promoting the ready culture to regions across the country.
first lantern road to light up hoan kiem lake pedestrian street

First lantern road to light up Hoan Kiem lake pedestrian street

Hanoi’s first lantern road will open along the pedestrian street as part of the mid-autumn festival program scheduled for September 23 in Ly Thai To flower garden near Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi.