Saint-Gobain designs offices to improve productivity by 20 per cent

November 06, 2019 | 08:00
Saint-Gobain, the giant building materials supplier, has offered many solutions to create the perfect office space for employees. One of its creative solutions is a Multi-Comfort approach, which can lift personal performance by up to 20 per cent.
saint gobain designs offices to improve productivity by 20 per cent
Saint-Gobain designs the ideal office space to improve productivity and wellness of employees

According to Saint-Gobain, most employees spend the majority of their time inside office buildings, so the way people design and construct an office building, and how it functions, are crucial when it comes to productivity and general comfort. The Multi-Comfort concept relates to the design of working environments to human senses, incorporating feeling, seeing, hearing, and breathing.

Saint-Gobain has adopted the Multi-Comfort design approach into its new office in Vietnam. Reportedly, these comfortable workspaces boost the happiness and productivity of employees by 20 per cent. Specifically, Saint-Gobain has designed an excellent acoustic environment to protect the health of employees. The company has an entire range of high-performance acoustic products and solutions marketed through its Rigitone, Ecophon, Eurocoustic, and Gyptone brands.

Research has shown that well-designed sound environments in offices help to improve concentration and enable better communication. Thus, employees can become more productive during meetings and brainstorming sessions thanks to the noise-reducing ceiling system and artistic design.

At the same time, the office also promotes feel and breathe comfort. To achieve feel comfort, Saint-Gobain Vietnam has equipped the rooms with modern ventilation and air conditioning systems to maintain humidity and keep the rooms fresh. The office also boasts abundant natural light to enhance the mood and productivity of employees.

In addition, Activ'Air technology is incorporated in the surface of Rigitone ceiling boards, which makes ambient air healthier by reducing 70 per cent of the formaldehyde concentration. Therefore, the design of the room not only gives employees the ultimate in comfort but also improves their health and wellbeing.

saint gobain designs offices to improve productivity by 20 per cent
The office windows offer breathtaking views of the city

Furthermore, with open working space and hot desks, employees can easily reach out to each other to boost collaboration and build strong mutual understanding among departments. There are some common areas designed with exquisite paintings and city views to give aesthetic pleasure for relaxation and recharging.

saint gobain designs offices to improve productivity by 20 per cent
Open working space in the office allows for easier collaboration

The cafeteria, in particular, is an artistic design of little Saigon inside Saint-Gobain Vietnam, where employees can have small meetings, brainstorming sessions, chat with guests, and enjoy lunchtime.

saint gobain designs offices to improve productivity by 20 per cent
The cafeteria is a pleasant environment for employees to get together

According to CBRE Vietnam, demand for office space continues to be high, as many multinational companies are relocating their businesses to Vietnam. From the second half of 2019 to the end of 2021, the Ho Chi Minh City office market is expected to welcome 14 new office buildings with more than 300,000 square metres of net leasable area. These demands open up more opportunities for Saint-Gobain Vietnam to provide its innovative solutions to develop more Multi-Comfort offices in Vietnam.

By Thanh Van

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