Rolling out an in-depth and multi-dimensional real estate news channel in Vietnam

December 26, 2019 | 08:00
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A unique programme is afoot to bring various, professional, and helpful information for real estate investors and home buyers in the Vietnamese market.  

Vietnam’s real estate market race is becoming hotter than ever with the growing engagement of domestic and foreign investors, resulted in a remarkable amount of investment in recent years. In that context, local property investors are always looking for channels providing trustworthy information with multi-dimensional views and deep insights into the market.

As a leading real estate developer in the country and the one who initiates, owns and develops the “Property Insight” programme, SonKim Land is committed to providing the customers with a unique programme with diversified and quality information sources. Let’s share a time with SonKim Land’s CEO Andy Han Suk Jung to get some exposure on the programme.

rolling out an in depth and multi dimensional real estate news channel in vietnam
Andy Han Suk Jung – CEO of SonKim Land Corporation

What factors have inspired SonKim Land to develop such a comprehensive and passionate programme with ample and diversified contents, as well as providing viewers with useful information?

As a responsible developer, we consider ourselves among the pioneers in the luxury and high-end real estate market. The majority of our customers are investors who stay or want to invest in Ho Chi Minh City, but they may lack knowledge and experience to do transactions.

This is the main factor that inspire us to build such a comprehensive and professional programme, something that other companies haven’t tried; we’d like to go frontier in the market so as for our customers putting more trust in the company (SKL).

Could you share us how the idea of creating the “Property Insight” programme has come and what is the purpose of the programme?

From Vietnamese customers point of view, who are extremely interested in making an investment in real estate, while there are not many statistics available and information channels designed for international customers are very limited. Thus, in order to give more insights to those people who want to invest in the property, we have discussed since last year then decided to launch the “Property Insight” programme.

Who are supposed to be the programme’s target audiences?

The programme primarily focuses on individual investors who are considering buying or investing in real estate. Through the programme, they will know exactly when to buy or sell properties, which projects they should buy and how to invest, as well as being encouraged to invest through information provided by the programme. I think this is an way to stimulate trading quality, volume and transparency.

Every part of the programme has the engagement of leading experts, consultants and entrepreneurs from assorted business sectors. So, what challenges has SonKim Land been facing in developing the content for production as well as gathering those experts?

Actually, our most difficulty is to come up with looking for good topics and building content for every episode. It’s quite hard for us to produce interesting content with diversified information so we have to spend a lot of time on this work, not just bringing participants from outside. There’s also a little bit challenging to gather many busy entrepreneurs and experts, especially in the panel discussion. Thus far, we’re still able to manage because our partners who we have approached have been very supportive. Many of them consider this programme an open, objective and transparent information channel, so they are confident and excited to join.

How would SonKim Land commit to accompanying real estate investors and customers in Vietnam with the “Property Insight” programme in the coming time?

We wish to do the programme for a long time so that the audience could have a more prestigious, in-depth and multi-dimensional information channel. The first season has well performed in providing accurate information on the basis of valuable data analysis, macroeconomic knowledge being interpreted in an easy-understanding way, as well as providing multi-dimensional perspective objectively to help investors make decisions.

By 2020, we will continue doing new, interesting and practical topics, with more interesting contents to increase interactivity with the audience, helping the information be transmitted more widely and smoothly. At the same time, we will also strengthen our connection with more specialists to make audiences know, trust and love the “Property Insight”.

By Anh Duc

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