Realbox launches one of the world’s first blockchain-based real estate tokenisation platforms

February 16, 2022 | 10:01
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Realbox (REB) is one of the world's first blockchain-based real estate tokenisation platforms, enabling retail investors to share ownership in global real estate, without incurring expensive costs and going through complicated transactions.

Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm via the decentralised finance sector and transformed the real estate sector as well as the way to invest in tangible assets. Through tokenisation, the tangible assets can be divided into digital tokens that represent fractional ownership of the asset.

These tokens can be traded securely on a blockchain ledger and are made accessible to worldwide investors. The smart contract in each token would ensure that every owner receives their share of the asset’s net rental income.

REB’s blockchain-based real estate tokenisation platform offers numerous advantages over traditional methods of dealing in real estate. These include increasing liquidity and transparency, enhancing security, and simplifying management.

The project aims to create an ecosystem for real estate tokenisation, bringing together a solid combined experience in real estate development, fund management, and blockchain technology. The project offers a new way to invest, own, and connect to existing and future tangible assets. Through the concept of asset tokenisation, all types of investors will now be able to take part in the real estate market.

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Democratising access to real estate investment

Last year was the one non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that went mainstream. Artists, collectors, and investors have found fertile ground in the blockchain space, where they can trade and speculate on the price of intangible assets.

More importantly, they can do it seamlessly without auctioneers or any other middlemen. This is where Realbox’ real estate solution comes in. With as little as $100, any user can simply purchase fractionated NFTs called REB NFT.

REB’s blockchain-based real estate tokenisation platform offers numerous advantages over traditional methods of dealing in real estate.

The vision for Realbox is to capture real estate capital growth, rental income, and secure the same for other valuable assets that can be tokenised. This also includes transaction fees and advertising traditionally associated with the management of these assets.

Globally experienced management team

The management team is combined by both traditional businesses as well as technology and blockchain development. Realbox’ team has held senior positions in multinational companies worldwide, such as CBRE, Colliers International, KPMG, and others. In addition, Realbox partners include some of the largest property developers, real estate agencies, and financial institutions in Southeast Asia, Australia, Dubai, Europe, and the US.

A comprehensive ecosystem of services

Realbox is a tokenisation platform that facilitates the conversion of real estate into NFTs, before tokenising them into security tokens that are backed by real physical assets. Realbox also provides diversified offers to investors including:

  • A real estate metaverse where Realbox facilitates the creating, buying, and selling of virtual property along with a full suite of services that are provided by the ecosystem.
  • A marketplace that facilitates the trading of asset-backed tokens (security tokens) including real estate and other real, physical assets. The exchange increases the tradability and liquidity of the security tokens.
  • Asset management services include property management, building operations, and maintenance, as well as facilities management, lease administration, property accounting, and financial reporting, among others.
  • Realbox Smart Invest is an automated, AI-empowered algorithm-driven platform to help investors select the best investment opportunities based on their risk and return profile.
  • Investment management services include real estate analysis, asset selection, monitoring of existing investments, as well as portfolio strategy and implementation.

Governance and security tokens

Realbox offers two types of tokens: a utility token (REB) and security tokens.

REBs are the native utility token of the Realbox platform. REBs are used to pay for service fees in the ecosystem. Holders can have unlimited potential due to high transaction fees from increasing assets under management over time. Furthermore, holders can receive a discount to purchase security tokens and earn profits from staking.

Security tokens represent a tokenised share of a property and entitle its holder to a share of profits. The property can be an individual property or a portfolio of properties. The holders have the right to receive monthly rental income reports from underlying properties and a certificate of the trust agreement to represent the ownership of the security token.

Initial offering expected to launch in Q1/2022

Since its launch in 2021, Realbox has been receiving much attention from the community. Eager investors will be able to purchase REBs in Q1/2022.

“Realbox is a pioneer in real estate tokenisation through blockchain technology. We aim to become a global investment platform for real estate,” said Alex Pham, Realbox co-founder.

Investors can visit the project at: for more information.

By Ha Thuy

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