Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

October 23, 2023 | 11:36
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Whether experts, leaders, managers, or workers, they all have a special affection for Quang Ninh after coming to experience it. Here are some of those opinions on the northeastern province.
Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

Nguyen Van Nhan, General director Amata City Halong JSC

Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

“Quang Ninh is where I choose to stay”

I came to Quang Ninh to invest in 2013, when I was assigned to implement an Amata Group project.

Five years later, when the Song Khoai Industrial Park infrastructure project was approved, my family and I decided to come to live and work permanently in the province.

Although I come from another place, I don’t feel strange here. My family and I not only received help from friends and colleagues in the company, but also from the very nice neighbours.

Furthermore, Quang Ninh has developed socioeconomic conditions and an excellent living environment. My children also have a good learning environment here. The province has a very complete and modern public utility and social security system. There is a complete and highly connected transportation infrastructure system, including a highway system, an airport, and an international shipping port.

The working and business environment is also very favourable because the local government here acts fast, expressing the desire to change and rise. They understand the difficulties that businesses encounter and accompany and work with businesses to find ways to solve them to bring efficiency to common development.

I hope that the determination and companionship of Quang Ninh will never cease, continuing to help the province develop further.

Le Quang Thang, Chairman of the Board Viet Long Investment and Construction

Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

“The spirit of Quang Ninh has been absorbed into me”

I was born in Hanoi. This year I turn 70 years old, but I have lived and worked in this land for 59 years. So now it can be said that I have become a real Quang Ninh local. I always see the warmth, generosity, and readiness to face the difficulties of the land and people here.

Everyone sees non-stop movement, from the public management thinking of local leaders, to the pace of economic and social life. Many new governance models have been researched, proposed and piloted by Quang Ninh province’s leaders: from staff reduction and leadership position examinations to public-private cooperation.

Here, they dare to think, dare to act, and dare to take responsibility. When people from other places come to Quang Ninh, they are invariably surprised at the changes and beauty of this locality.

That spirit has also seeped into me. From being a state civil servant, I decided to use the experience I gained to start a business. Even though I started my business quite late and chose a difficult field in safe agriculture, I chose to grow organic vegetables in natural conditions which I learned from the Japanese, as well as self-research and produce biological products to apply to clean agriculture.

I also perfected the technology to burn household waste with 100 per cent efficiency. From this success, our Japanese partner proactively cooperated with us to implement the project of burning waste to generate electricity. And I see that I have immersed myself in the same flow of strategic development, from brown to green, as Quang Ninh.

Tran Quang Tien, Project director Phuong Thanh Tranconsin

Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

“I like the way Quang Ninh people work”

I have quite an affinity with Quang Ninh. I have now worked for four years here and participated in building three large bridges here.

The first bridge is Ka Long 2 under the Van Don-Mong Cai Expressway project. The second is Van Tien, which belongs to the Halong-Van Don Expressway project. This is also the longest bridge across the sea, which has the most beautiful scenery, and was constructed in the shortest time to date in Quang Ninh. The third is Ben Rung in Quang Yen town.

During our time working here, we were given better conditions to carry out project construction. Issues such as premises, support to ensure security and safety at the construction site, and transportation of materials and equipment to and from the construction site are never difficult problems when we work in Quang Ninh.

The provincial government, and the locality where the project is implemented, are determined and responsible in supporting contractors like us during the construction process to ensure progress. Not only that, the people I have met in Quang Ninh exude approachability, enthusiasm, and integrity.

Takeo Nakajima, Chief representative Japan External Trade Organisation Hanoi

Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

“Japanese investors are increasingly interested in Quang Ninh”

Quang Ninh is very progressive and active in attracting foreign direct investment from markets all over the world such as South Korea, Japan, China, Belgium, and Singapore.

The province has attracted special attention from investors by maintaining the leading position in the Provincial Competitiveness Index since 2017. This is the top region in terms of market entry costs and management of administrative procedures.

The province has invited industrial zone investors to build competitive business locations. In addition, local authorities also invest in ports, roads and airports using very effective public-private partnerships.

Ten years ago, moving from Hanoi to Quang Ninh was a big difficulty. But currently, Quang Ninh’s infrastructure is excellent, boosting convenience.

Furthermore, the province has a strategic location adjacent to the billion-person market of China, so business fields such as logistics services, manufacturing, green energy, liquefied natural gas, aquaculture, and agriculture are attractive for the Japanese.

Among the manufacturing, cars and spare parts, electronic, machinery, semiconductors, and industrial material manufacturing are industries where the Japanese will have potential to expand production – and Quang Ninh is a priority location for that.

Bruno Jaspaert, General director DEEP C Industrial Zones

Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

“The goal is greener, faster, and different”

One of the reasons why Quang Ninh province has maintained its growth momentum and sustainable development in recent times is that the province creates the best conditions to draw in investors to industrial zones (IZs). Based on a number of IZs that have good investment efficiency, Quang Ninh is continuing to create more favourable mechanisms and increase attractiveness to attract more investors.

Bac Tien Phong and Nam Tien Phong IZs have formed the DEEP C Quang Ninh IZ cluster, directly connected to the southern seaports of the province.

By building a multi-industry complex, attracting projects that are high-tech, and associated with seaport development, DEEP C Quang Ninh is an attractive location for investors. Along with this role, DEEP C aims to develop faster and greener than other such zones in the country.

Uber Mendez, Head of Operations Competition Team Technology Vietnam

Quang Ninh beauty as seen by outsiders

“I like living in Quang Ninh”

I have spent four years living and working in Quang Ninh. I really like the coffee and the seafood dishes. I feel lucky to have been able to follow the group’s project in this locality from the early days.

I hope I can stay here as long as possible. Here there is fresh air, forests, seas, and a safe and clean living environment; and transportation infrastructure and social services from schools, hospitals, and parks are all superb. People here are also very hospitable. When my friends and family come to visit, they are very relieved to see me working here.

I have visited many places in Quang Ninh. I really like Halong Bay, which is truly a treasure that nature bestows on this land. Hopefully, the province will develop more and more; the natural landscapes will be preserved by the people here to have a sustainable living environment.

Decades of miracles light Quang Ninh’s way Decades of miracles light Quang Ninh’s way

Quang Ninh has experienced miraculous development in the past and at present. Now, the northeastern province is gearing towards modernity and sustainability, with myriad new opportunities.

DEEP C Quang Ninh’s modern and green industrial marvel DEEP C Quang Ninh’s modern and green industrial marvel

Targeting to build a multi-sector industrial area to engage high-tech and environmentally friendly projects along with seaport development, DEEP C Industrial Zones Quang Ninh is creating an ideal rendezvous for investors.

By VIR team

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