Promoting Vietnamese tourism globally is a must

February 13, 2024 | 22:01
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There are still many challenges in the first half of 2024, which will gradually become better in the second half of the year because of the resilience in the economy. Travelling by air will be affected by unreasonable airfares, while highway networks will be expanded, leading to the increment in travelling by cars and buses.
Promoting Vietnamese tourism globally is a must
Tran Tuan Vinh, hotel manager Angsana & Dhawa Ho Tram

The tourism, hospitality, and the food and beverages (F&B) market are inseparable. People will choose the destination first, before choosing the hotel to stay in and restaurant to eat. Without tourists, the hospitality and F&B market are nothing.

On the other hand, without high-quality hotels or cuisine, tourists will come but no return. In 2023, although Vietnam has some restaurants winning Michelin stars, this is not the main factor to drawing in tourists.

Vietnamese cuisine is characterised by fresh ingredients, bold flavours, and a balance of textures. Food plays a significant role in Vietnamese culture, and the country’s street food scene is renowned. Many visitors are drawn to the experience of trying local dishes from street vendors and markets, where they can savour the authentic flavours of Vietnamese cuisine.

Despite all the above, I am not really confident to say there will be any signs of a blooming year for the tourism industry and F&B market until 2025 when the economy is fully resilient. So far, during this harsh period, marketing and promoting tourism and hospitality on a global scale involves a multifaceted approach that includes marketing strategies, infrastructure development, cultural promotion, and more.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Investing in digital marketing campaigns to showcase Vietnam’s unique attractions, diverse culture, and its delicious cuisine. Leveraging social media platforms, influencers, and online travel agencies to reach a wider audience.

Cultural Experiences

Highlighting and promoting Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage. Developing programmes and events that allow tourists to immerse themselves in local traditions, festivals, and customs.

Infrastructure Development

Investing in infrastructure development, including transport, accommodation, and public facilities. Well-maintained and modern infrastructure can significantly enhance the overall tourist experience.

Promoting Vietnamese tourism globally is a must

Sustainable Tourism Practices

Emphasising sustainable tourism practices to engage eco-conscious travellers. This includes promoting responsible tourism, preserving natural habitats, and supporting local communities.

Collaboration with Travel Agencies

Collaborating with international travel agencies to create attractive travel packages and promotions. This can make Vietnam more appealing to potential tourists and travel agents.

Visa Policies

Reviewing and streamlining visa policies to make it easier for tourists to visit Vietnam. Simplifying visa processes can encourage more people to choose Vietnam as their travel destination.

Language Accessibility

Ensuring that tourism-related information, signage, and services are available in multiple languages to cater to a diverse global audience.

Angsana & Dhawa Ho Tram gains EarthCheck certification Angsana & Dhawa Ho Tram gains EarthCheck certification

Angsana & Dhawa Ho Tram is the first hospitality project in Southern Vietnam to achieve Silver certification from EarthCheck, the world’s leading consulting and advisory group for sustainable destinations and tourism organisations.

5-star luxury at Angsana and Dhawa Ho Tram 5-star luxury at Angsana and Dhawa Ho Tram

Five months after welcoming its first guests back in June, Angsana and Dhawa Ho Tram has been recognised by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as meeting the extremely strict standards for 5-star tourist accommodation.

Angsana and Dhawa Ho Tram: indulge in sanctuary of senses Angsana and Dhawa Ho Tram: indulge in sanctuary of senses

Nestled in a 6-hectare verdant resort enclosed by the charming coastal strip and primeval green curve lines of melaleuca trees, Angsana Ho Tram and Dhawa Ho Tram are two promising 5-star destinations belonging to hotel management giant Banyan Tree.

By Tuan Vinh

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