Inspiring guests to adopt more responsible habits

January 02, 2024 | 09:00
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Boosting Vietnam’s presence in the global tourism and hospitality sector requires critical approaches. Streamlining visa processes and providing visa-on-arrival choices for select nations might entice more tourists to discover Vietnam. Highlighting genuineness, sustainability, ease of access, and robust promotional campaigns can elevate Vietnam’s standing in global tourism, setting it apart from neighbouring destinations.
Inspiring guests to adopt more responsible habits
Olivier Revy, general manager Mai House Saigon Hotel

In light of the government’s incentive policies, the current landscape of 2023 has provided a favourable setting for Mai House Saigon Hotel. We have strategically implemented various initiatives to maximise this advantageous environment during this period.

Initially, we have taken full advantage of a reduction in VAT rates from 10 per cent to 8 per cent to enhance our hotel facilities and foster improved conditions for our guests. This adjustment alleviates the guests’ cost pressures and encourages spending on the others.

Additionally, we have capitalised on sponsorships for significant cultural events in collaboration with influential organisations to engage local communities. Notable events of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam were Bastille Day and a gala dinner and business awards ceremony to celebrate 50 years of cooperation between Vietnam and France.

Similarly, our sponsorship of a thank-you party of ITE in Ho Chi Minh City, alongside numerous domestic and international travel companies and partners, also significantly bolstered positive brand communication for Mai House Saigon Hotel.

Moreover, acting for responsible and sustainable trends, green, responsible, and sustainable practices are integral to our ethos. We have implemented various strategies to align our properties with these critical trends and inspire our guests to adopt more responsible habits. Initially, we have prioritised environmentally friendly measures by implementing energy-efficient systems throughout our facilities. For example, most lighting fixtures in hotels use energy-saving LEDs.

Accordingly, we have incorporated sustainable practices in our offerings, sourcing local food for our restaurants, minimising waste, and using recyclable materials whenever possible. We have also initiated awareness campaigns and engagement programmes for our guests. Specifically, the hotel’s gifts are reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags, and completely remove the use of plastic bottles in hotel rooms, showing the impact of these minor changes in guest habits towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

These efforts advance our commitment to sustainability and empower guests to make informed choices that contribute to building a more trustworthy and sustainable world. In recent times, Mai House has had a strong revival marked by significant changes. First was establishing a loyal customer base to prove the hotel’s effective strategy. We also continuously implement loyalty schemes tailored to guest preferences that promote the number of return guests and future bookings.

Besides that, our competitive pricing relative to comparable competitors has strategically positioned our hotel’s restaurant in the market segment, reinforcing our appeal to guests seeking value and quality.

In addition, our expanding initiatives are equally important. The launch of Mai Sky is an exquisite project on the 14th floor, symbolising our commitment to constantly evolving customer needs. Meanwhile, we demonstrate our efforts by increasing event spaces for events, conferences, and seminars due to the high demand during the year-end peak season.

This expansion is a practical response to our guests’ desire for flexible and suitable event venues, reflecting our dedication to providing comprehensive services and exceeding their expectations.

The magic of Christmas at Mai House Saigon Hotel The magic of Christmas at Mai House Saigon Hotel

Mai House Saigon Hotel invites guests to experience the enchantment of the holiday season with irresistible Christmas treats that delight your taste buds and warm your heart.

By Olivier Revy

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