Leaders of Ministry of Health get COVID-19 vaccination today

May 06, 2021 | 18:27
Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long and deputy health ministers, as well as department heads received their COVID-19 shots on May 6 amid the complicated and unexpected development of the COVID-19 pandemic.
leaders of ministry of health get covid 19 vaccination today
Vietnamese Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long getting a shot

Talking to the media after the vaccination, the minister said that his health is completely normal. Deputy Health Ministers Do Xuan Tuyen, Truong Quoc Cuong, and Tran Van Thuan and others also feel the same.

“Vietnam is carrying out vaccination at the safest possible level and is different from other countries in the world, even developed countries,” Long admitted.

Accordingly, in addition to ensuring the standards of facilities, equipment, and manpower, screening and advice are required before vaccination in line with guidelines from the Ministry of Health (MoH). Vaccinators have to stay at vaccination facilities for at least 30 minutes after the shot to monitor their health.

Vaccinators are then monitored at home for the following 24 hours and at least the following three weeks. Hospitals are always ready to accommodate any patient showing heavy side effects to ensure their safety.

“We always emphasise safety in vaccination. For this reason, the MoH has established a steering board for vaccination safety, gathering top-tier experts and professors in the healthcare industry to support localities in dealing with the side effects of vaccination,” Long noted.

According to the minister, about 675,956 health staff directly treating COVID-19 patients in Vietnam, taking samples, tracing, and members of COVID-19 supporting units, the steering board for pandemic prevention and fighting at all levels, police and military force are injected.

Up till now, 16 per cent of those vaccinated have experienced common side effects like pain at the site of injection, light fever, and others that disappeared within 24 hours. This rate is lower than in the world.

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