Infusing technology into labour export market

October 13, 2022 | 07:46
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Together with his team at job search platform HelloJob, CEO Nguyen Quoc Viet is not only resolving issues in the labour export market but also striving to build up an inspiring tech-empowered employment ecosystem, bringing numerous opportunities to labourers.

HelloJob came into being two years ago when CEO Nguyen Quoc Viet – who took on overseas studies in Japan and gathered 10 years of experience in the labour export field – founded the company. Viet, therefore, has been well aware of the labour export market's thorny issues.

Many years ago, to work in Japan, Vietnamese workers had to resort to support from their acquaintances, relatives, and brokers.

Job-seekers were therefore short of information, and in not a few cases, cheated on and lost thousands of US dollars.

Some luckier ones, who had set foot in Japan, couldn’t find jobs suitable to their competency or had divergences with their employers.

These labourers consequently left their jobs and worked illegally outside. They then induced others to follow in their footsteps, creating bad reputation about Vietnamese labourers.

Infusing technology into labour export market
CEO Nguyen Quoc Viet and the team at HelloJob work on perfecting the job search ecosystem, striving to reach out to global market

“I want to create a platform that can help common workers to find suitable jobs fitting their competency and expectations, enhancing the attitude and prestige of export labour in the international market,” Viet said.

As such, when logging into the website, labourers can directly access jobs uploaded by companies, with clear relevant information about job requirements, field, workplace location, and associated benefits.

All information has been carefully checked by the HelloJob team, and labourers don’t need to pay any participation fee.

Founded during the pandemic, HelloJob has helped thousands of Vietnamese labourers in Japan to find jobs successfully, or shift into a new environment more suited to their capacity.

As of now, the platform reports about 66,000 users, and engaged by 61 businesses.

“We bring opportunities to those least having it, particularly manual workers, thus enabling them to have a better finance, and a more affluent material life. Only with this, can they change themselves, their mindset, striving to learn novel things. This also lays the foundation for a developed society,” said Viet.

Cultivating an inspiring job search ecosystem

Along with aiding Vietnamese labourers wishing to learn or work in Japan, the HelloJob CEO has the ambition to upscale the job search ecosystem.

This April, HelloJob gave birth to export labour marketplace website, where labour-export companies and recruitment experts share their candidate information store with each other.

Along with aiding Vietnamese labourers wishing to learn or work in Japan, the HelloJob CEO has the ambition to upscale the job search ecosystem.

The fresh site helps bolster opportunities for jobseekers, leveraging tech-driven data advantages.

“Formerly, there were cases welders had worked in the agricultural sector as failing to find suitable jobs. Things have changed now. With HelloJob, common workers find the jobs they want actually,” Viet said happily.

As planned, later this year HelloJob would launch a TikTok-style site containing short videos focusing on job matters where the participants can share their experience and skills relevant to work, as well as ways to improve qualifications and self-develop.

Not just confined to supporting common workers, the new site aims to institute a playing field embracing all fields and sectors, from insurance brokerage, real estate, to auto and handset sale, and cooking.

Along with HelloJob and, the new networking site aims to cultivate a complete job search ecosystem where labourers only need to use one account to join all the platforms to help increase exposure of their information, boosting job opportunities.

HelloJob also aims to develop the English and Japanese versions for the novel site to reach out to the global market.

HelloJob finalised the first capital-raising round in 2021 when it was evaluated at around $8.7 million. The second round is expected to wrap up this year, laying the bedrock to reach the target of an IPO by 2027.

“HelloJob’s mission is to help the labourers develop and be happy. Only when the labourers are content with what they achieve, they will recommend more people to use the platform. The success of the labourers is therefore our success,” said Viet.

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