Growing Argentinian ties

January 23, 2023 | 21:51
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In 2023, Argentina and Vietnam will celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Twenty five years ago, the two countries opened their respective embassies in Buenos Aires and Hanoi. From that moment onwards, commercial cooperation has been one of the three pillars of the bilateral relationship, along with excellent political dialogue and technical cooperation.

In 1996, Argentina and Vietnam signed two agreements on economic and trade cooperation and the promotion and protection of mutual investments. After that, the relationship between the two countries was strengthened with a comprehensive partnership in 2010, and trade exchanges have grown steadily ever since.

Growing Argentinian ties
Luis Pablo Maria Beltramino Argentinian Ambassador to Vietnam

Over the past 10 years, Argentina recorded a cumulative growth in exports to Vietnam of 600 per cent, while exports from Vietnam to Argentina increased by 700 per cent. This trend shows both countries have a sustainable relationship in trade.

The products Argentina exports to Vietnam are mainly agricultural goods incorporated into Vietnam’s value chain and then exported to other countries. That is why we are de facto strategic partners in the agricultural and agro-industry.

For its part, Vietnam exports completed consumer goods to Argentina such as mobile phones, electronic products and components, textile products, footwear, rubber products, ceramics, machinery, equipment, and industrial spare parts.

In 2021, Vietnam was Argentina’s sixth-largest trading partner, and Argentina was Vietnam’s third-largest partner in Latin America. Forecasts suggest that trade will continue this favourable and sustainable trend.

We are confident that the commercial relationship between Argentina and Vietnam will continue to grow, especially in agribusiness. In addition, we also maintain cooperation with Vietnam, including cooperation and technical assistance in agricultural development and innovation, such as technology to improve rice productivity, soybean production and yield, and the control of foot-and-mouth disease, among other sub-sectors.

To help further connect both economies, the embassy will continue to encourage Argentine business delegations to come to Vietnam to meet with current and potential counterparts to explore business opportunities, import-export associations, or joint venture projects. At the same time and as happens every year, the embassy will organise trade promotion activities to exhibit products already known by many Vietnamese such as beef, wine, and mate infusion.

The embassy is also working on the diversification of the Argentine export offer. For instance, this year, our lemons were exported to Vietnam for the first time. Hence, Argentina is currently one of the very few countries that can export yellow lemons here. Therefore, we will continue commercial activities, so Vietnamese consumers know more about our products.

At the same time, we are connecting businesses of both countries, the chambers of commerce and the two governments to promote bilateral trade growth on a win-win basis so that Argentine consumers can also enjoy products imported from Vietnam. We believe the more bilateral trade and commercial exchange our countries have, the more the people of Argentina and Vietnam will benefit.

Argentina hopes for strategic partnership with Vietnam: ambassador Argentina hopes for strategic partnership with Vietnam: ambassador

The new Argentinian Ambassador to Vietnam, Luis Pablo Maria Beltramino, has affirmed his country’s willingness to upgrade its relations with Vietnam to a strategic partnership, especially when the two sides are preparing to mark the 50th founding anniversary of their diplomatic ties in 2023.

By Luis Pablo Maria Beltramino

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