Grasping for more intangible living values outside CBD

January 21, 2019 | 08:57
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New opportunities are emerging for real estate developers as Vietnam’s rich and famous look for new homes in peaceful areas outside the central business districts.
grasping for more intangible living values outside cbd
The high-end Diamond Brilliant project, Celadon City

In recent years, celebrities and business owners have been abandoning city life in quick succession to seek tranquil living that is not too far from the central business districts (CBD). For example, Ha Kieu Anh, a former Miss Vietnam turned actress and businesswoman, is now living in a 500-square metre villa in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Anh has another penthouse in the seaside city of Vung Tau and another home in the US.

grasping for more intangible living values outside cbd
Ha Kieu Anh

The businesswoman said that since her family welcomed new members a few years ago, she has been yearning for a quiet space to live and raise the children. This means Kieu Anh was willing to move away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City to live in a garden house, one that includes a small farm for fruits and vegetables. The businesswoman believed that the clean air and rustic living will benefit her children greatly.

“To me, a house becomes a home when it’s efficiently organised, with a lot of outdoor space for the kids to play. I hope that my home will be a cosy place for everyone in the family to return to after a long day, especially the children. This is also why I don’t want a mansion for us,” said Anh.

grasping for more intangible living values outside cbd
Vu Cam Nhung

Similarly, former model Vu Cam Nhung, now deputy CEO at pharmaceutical firm Tenamyd Canada, looks for a lush living space that is surrounded by greenery. In Nhung’s vision, her house is filled with different kinds and layers of plants, succulents, and flowers that mimic a diverse tropical forest. A cobblestoned walkway around the garden is the perfect finishing touch to the house, said Nhung. She wants her home to be as calm as possible for the family members.

“A green living environment and a tight-knit community are my top priorities when I look for a home,” said Nhung. To the businesswoman, this means the neighbours are respectful of each other’s privacy and willing to maintain a clean, safe, and quiet neighbourhood for everyone.

Kieu Anh and Cam Nhung are just two examples of Vietnam’s elite, who are putting greater value on the intangible qualities of a home rather than flashy decorations. This is a new trend among the middle- and upper-class, most of whom can easily afford a mansion with extravagant décor and glitzy furniture.

One important aspect of this trend is living outside of the CBD. The Ho Chi Minh City centre, due to break-neck urbanisation and inefficient urban planning, is now battling against air pollution, traffic jams, constant noise, lack of green areas, and rising crime rates. These urban problems make inner Ho Chi Minh City unliveable for rich families who can earn $30,000 per month.

In the past, some families used to buy a second home in neighbourhood that’s separate from the downtown areas to relax during the weekends, while still residing in an inner-city home. However, this has proven to be highly inconvenient in terms of transportation and management costs.

As a result, in recent years, the upper class in Ho Chi Minh City is looking for homes in the outer districts, which are still of manageable distance from the city centre but can offer them safety, greenery, clean air, and vast space. Other requirements include modern facilities, well-connected infrastructure, and a respectful community. This trend is reflected in a range of enclosed urban areas in District 2, 7, Binh Thanh or Tan Phu.

One of the most prominent projects in this segment is Celadon City by Gamuda Land. Celadon City attracts buyers with five-star facilities, vast green areas, and services of international standards. As part of Celadon City, Gamuda Land developed Diamond Brilliant, the A-class section located at the heart of the project. The apartment complex is expected to draw in well-to-do residents who enjoy the privacy, safety, and modern services that Diamond Brilliant has to offer.

According to Gamuda Land, Diamond Brilliant focuses on intangible values that can bring residents a calm, safe, and tranquil living environment – which is exactly what the upper class is looking for.

By Hoang Nguyen

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