Good wishes and birthday salutations

September 25, 2020 | 09:00
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Dominant business leaders, representatives of think tanks, and foreign business organisations, including some of VIR’s most loyal media partners, are celebrating the 29th birthday of our newspaper with us, poring over details about the role of responsible and objective journalism in corporate success, as well as sharing  words of encouragement and advice for many more successful birthdays to come.
good wishes and birthday salutations
Good wishes and birthday salutations

Sami Kteily - Executive chairman, PEB Steel

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR has accompanied our business from the first day in 1994, helped us learn, connect, and grow it successfully. Since launching, VIR has flourished with expanded coverage, insider features, and economic-centric content which provide us the latest economic and business news all over the country.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, VIR has provided a national economic outlook, and measures from the government to attract and sustain foreign investment, as well as aid business recovery.

VIR has been an early and reliable source of news about foreign investors in the country who invariably require steel buildings for their factories and warehouses – a product provided by PEB Steel. Over the years, VIR was always our first choice among weekly publications when it comes to promoting our products and services.

Alex Crane - managing director, Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

It is a pleasure reading and working with VIR.

The news on the website are well-organised and of high standard. I find the reporting and content accurate, informative, and reliable. I have enjoyed seeing VIR’s growing initiatives and topics over my nine years as a reader. In particular to my industry, I enjoy the news coverage on items such as green property development and it is great to see a whole subsection on this within the online version of VIR. I also use the VIR app for on-the-go reading, which is easy to follow and is aligned with the website.

Congratulations to VIR on 29 years and I extend my best wishes to the talented editors, journalists, as well as the whole VIR team and thank them for their great work.

Pham Tien Dung - Head of Research and Investment Consulting Department, Bao Viet Securities

good wishes and birthday salutations

I appreciate VIR’s in-depth analysis covering essential aspects of Vietnam’s economy, backed by a professional newsroom team from the MPI.

VIR provides high-quality journalism to its readers. As one of the major securities brokerages in the country, we conduct bilingual daily reports to timely assist readers and investors in both Vietnamese and English. We see many similarities between us, and can appreciate the challenges in delivering trustworthy sources of news.

The distribution of business news is undoubtedly the key in shaping the financial landscape and market’s consensus opinion. Particularly in the stock market, a small piece of information could have a great impact on stakeholders’ decision-making. I’m deeply impressed by the expertise of the VIR team in delivering solid research and thoughtful analysis.

Dao Xuan Thinh - General director, Thinh Dat Green Tour JSC

good wishes and birthday salutations

Although we have years of experience in doing business across many different fields, we chose VIR to cooperate directly with a press agency to broadcast about a project for the first time. In addition to being one of the largest and most reputable economic newspapers in Vietnam, we also share mutual points with VIR in terms of customer targets in the form of entrepreneurs, and domestic and foreign investors.

I believe VIR provides Vietnamese and foreign readers with the most useful information about the country’s economy and at the same time promote attractive investment opportunities for financiers. I hope we will have long-term cooperation, and through VIR’s information channels, I expect our extremely dedicated projects can gain more customer attention.

Nitin Kapoor - Chairman cum general director, AstraZeneca Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

Over the years, VIR has attained widespread recognition and presented itself as a leading platform for foreign investors like AstraZeneca to articulate our commitment to long-term investment and growth with Vietnam.

VIR’s high-quality reporting has consistently provided valuable business insights and a reliable economic outlook for businesses. We look forward to both learning from and contributing to VIR even more in the future for the health and prosperity of Vietnamese people.

Michael Chiu - Chairman, Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR is a must-read for all foreign enterprises working or looking to work in Vietnam. It has provided valuable insight on market developments. We often introduce VIR to potential investors from Hong Kong as reference reading and quote it in our newsletter.

It always covers the most up-to-date changes in legislature and the latest trends of investment in Vietnam. VIR has evolved with time and is as relevant as it was years ago even with the many new channels or resources today.

Nicolas Audier - Chairman, EuroCham

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR is an invaluable source of information for EuroCham and our members. European business leaders read it to keep abreast of the latest headlines on trade and investment. But just as important is the in-depth information on specific topics like M&A and corporate news.

Our members also want to read about what is happening in the National Assembly – when a new regulation will be passed, whether it will affect enterprises, and how it will be implemented at a local level.

James Dong - CEO, Lazada Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

We would like to send our best wishes and congratulate the publication on its successes so far.

Lazada appreciates VIR’s efforts in providing insights and reflecting public opinion on the political, social, and economic landscape, including the e-commerce industry.

We look forward to many more editions to come that will benefit your readers, and will generate discussions and actions that will make a difference for the community and the economy.

Dao Lan Huong - Executive chairwoman and founder, Teky Holdings Young Technology Education JSC

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR has long been a prestigious publication for investors because of its fast, broad information and sharp analysis of the Vietnamese economy. In addition to quality content, VIR’s publications are also designed with a modern and eye-catching style.

VIR has been doing a very good job of updating on the latest developments in government policies, laws, and the investment environment. VIR also plays an important role as a positive bridge between domestic enterprises like us and the world through investment promotion forums and programmes.

Kevin Hawkins - Co-executive partner, Zico Law

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR has been my first news source over the past 17 years. I have also had the fortune to be a contributor.

Being timely, informative, and accurate are hallmarks of an excellent news publication. VIR has managed to combine extensive news coverage as well as business and professional viewpoints.

The efforts to cover various economic sectors have provided a very user-friendly experience that can be easily shared and understood by investors all over.

Swaroop Shah - CEO, Validus Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR plays an important role in our community. We’ve seen first-hand how informational and analytical pieces in VIR help businesses leverage timely opportunities or to pivot their strategies for growth.

Besides, VIR’s reports have equipped audiences, especially foreign-invested enterprises operating in Vietnam like Validus, to make better decisions and make sense of the domestic economy. We sincerely hope that VIR will cover more stories that matter to foreign investors, business leaders, and policymakers.

On the flip side, since technology is so deeply embedded into our daily lives, we hope the VIR team can transform its digitally-led journalism to deliver content accurately and more promptly. As one of the few English-language business newspapers in Vietnam, VIR is a credible source for foreigners like us. Kudos to the VIR team.

Steven Loh - General director, FiCO Pan-United Concrete

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR has achieved 29 years of excellent work in helping foreign investors like Pan-United Corporation from Singapore to establish a strong position in Ho Chi Minh City’s ready-mix concrete market.

The connection from country to country and company to company provided by VIR is an important way to provide up-to-date investment opportunities and market information for potential investors to make timely decisions for doing business in Vietnam.

Our joint venture company between FICO Corporation in Vietnam and Pan-United Corporation established in 2011 is now one of the leading concrete suppliers here. It is a good example of a successful story benefiting from VIR connections. We are helping Ho Chi Minh City to shape the smart cities of tomorrow by providing innovative concrete solutions via digital connectivity and a better sustainable built environment.

The iconic projects we have carried out in the city include Landmark 81, Metro Line No.1, Saigon Center, Vivo City, and many luxury residential projects like Estella Heights, Gateway, Lancer, Ghomes, and many Novaland projects. We similarly wish VIR many successes in the years to come.

Pham Duy Khuong - Managing director, ASL LAW

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR has always been the leading source of information in the fields of investment, business, and finance. Always anticipating and analysing opportunities in international integration, VIR provides the most necessary information for businesses and investors. The in-depth articles bring readers a variety of perspectives from prestigious local and overseas experts.

As a reader as well as a partner to VIR, ASL Law Firm is well placed to offer suggestions. The readers are very diverse – from those who want to find information on real estate, investment, and finance to lawyers working in these fields. So there should be more articles offering perspectives from lawyers or leading experts to give readers a more multi-dimensional view on some topics.

From the perspective of a partner, it may be advisable for VIR to expand deeper into categories such as bidding or franchising. With plenty of experience in these fields, we can contribute to VIR so that readers can access more information on issues.

Guido Romagnoli - Founder and director, Inxtead Consulting

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR is one of the most visited websites on my smartphone. It is very well designed, easy to browse, with a very clean English language that makes it easy to find and understand relevant news.

But what makes VIR very special is the excellent content that is prepared for an international business community always looking for investment opportunities.

Inxtead was one of the first companies in Vietnam active in executive coaching and to improve our client performance, we always recommend first to become familiar with Vietnam, its society, its values, and its political systems, all subjects that are very well covered by VIR.

Besides the macroeconomic environment, VIR also covers very detailed business-relevant subjects like real estate, leisure, and legalities.

I had the privilege to share thoughts with the VIR team during a recent event attended by the Italian prime minister about the circular economy and I am glad VIR is now covering green growth more, which shows how VIR is not only covering today’s news but also subjects relevant to the country’s future.

Federico Vasoli - Managing partner, dMTV Global

good wishes and birthday salutations

While VIR is the most famous and reputable publication of its kind in Vietnam, I have become closer to it in recent months, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst it was impossible for me to go back to Vietnam, where our law firm has been working since 2007, VIR gave me precious information while I was stuck in Singapore.

It allowed me to receive many important insights on a wide variety of topics, including geopolitics, energy, regulations, and much more.

VIR has been consistent in providing professional, broad, multidisciplinary information to its readers at home and abroad through good times and bad, and I am extremely thankful that I have been involved in contributing in some way to the publication.

Nguyen Thanh Binh - Senior programme manager, School of Business and Management RMIT University Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

VIR has become a leading international business media outlet that is greatly successful at providing insightful, objective, and impactful business and economic articles, particularly in the field of digital transformation.

As a weekly reader of VIR, I am highly impressed by the high quality and in-depth content that the team presents on a frequent basis that helps me to shape meaningful business decisions. My team and I also greatly appreciate the opportunities to share our academic expertise in finance and economics with the wider community through VIR and we very much look forward to strengthening our collaboration.

Moving forward, there is the great opportunity for VIR to educate the wider community more systematically and holistically about the digital disruption of the economy, financial market, and business models that is caused by new technologies such as blockchain, AI, and fintech.

Moreover, VIR can further evolve and become a platform fostering the engagement of the business community through events, seminars, or workshops to exchange ideas and create opportunities for collaborations.

Dang Thanh Hung - Vice president of marketing, NS BlueScope Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

As an expert in alloy-coated steel from Australia and an investor in Vietnam, NS BlueScope always seeks support from the media. We would like to express our sincere thanks to VIR in cooperating with enterprises in our path of development and integration over the decades.

VIR has supported NS BlueScope to spread the value of our products and services to our corporate partners and customers as well as accompanying us during the tough times. VIR has been a partner at every step of our journey here.

On this occasion, we wish VIR more and more success and an even stronger status as a trusted newspaper for enterprises and investors.

Matthew Smith - Head of Research, Yuanta Securities Vietnam

good wishes and birthday salutations

Strong journalism doesn’t only record events, it influences the broader developments by ensuring the public understands and can react to events. This is especially true of economic journalism because of the imediate influence of news in the modern business world.

VIR is a credible resource that offers foreign readers a broad understanding of Vietnam’s business and economic environment. This is crucial given the relatively limited presence of international media here. As a former business journalist myself, I appreciate the depth of reporting in VIR feature stories, where reporters seek out an array of views from high-level business decision-makers.

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