Enhancing employees’ unique identity through GE values

October 26, 2021 | 17:24
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With 28 years of presence in Vietnam, GE has left significant footprints across key business sectors: roughly 30 per cent of all power generation in Vietnam is powered by GE technology; more than half of clinics and hospitals in Vietnam have at least one piece of GE’s medical equipment; and GE's advanced aircraft engines power more than half of aircrafts in ASEAN and Vietnam is no exception. These achievements are the relentless efforts of more than 1,700 GE employees across the country. They work hard day and night, constantly trying to champion the core values of GE.
Enhancing employees’ unique identity through GE values
The production of a cabinet at GE Haiphong

As Cell Leader of Electrical Assembly COE of the GE Haiphong plant, Nguyen Quang Tung manages the production of converter cabinets for wind and solar power and is also in charge of the development of new products. Despite working at GE Haiphong for 10 years, Tung remains passionate about his job.

“This may seem hard to believe but getting to receive emails from overseas colleagues every morning is truly like a gift for me. As knowledge is infinite, these emails open the door to new knowledge about science and technology that allows me to become more knowledgeable in my profession while saving a lot of time learning," Tung shared.

Tung’s main responsibility is working with the global design and engineering team to develop the best quality products which are precisely designed, and assured for customers. This is not an easy task in remote working conditions that only allow completing technical requirements through examining technical drawings.

However, the professionalism, diligence, and high focus of his colleagues from across the ocean have inspired Tung a lot. Despite the time difference between Vietnam and the US, Tung and the design team still work relentlessly to ensure production progress and quality.

“We all work towards GE's core values: act with humility, lead with transparency, and deliver with a focus on bringing positive results. Geographical distance is no longer an issue. Overseas colleagues have taught me a lot of things, from working professionally to being open and transparent. This working environment has enabled me and encouraged my colleagues to become a better version of ourselves," said Tung.

As a technology enthusiast and extremely demanding in terms of expertise, Tung is meticulous down to the smallest details which has earned him many achievements.

“10 years at GE has given me unforgettable experiences. Without companionship and support from fellow colleagues, I would not have had these. Therefore, I cherish the journey that we have had together more than my personal accomplishments."

“When manufacturing a converter cabinet in the past, we needed a 'golden sample', which was produced in another plant, beside the 3D drawing. Now, we can build the ETU/prototype for the global team to develop further designs, prepare for serial production, and bring it to market with good quality. We are able to meet customers’ extremely demanding requirements including the highest performance which was previously possible in the lab only. It takes an entire team’s relentless effort to achieve this goal," added Tung.

Enhancing employees’ unique identity through GE values
Quang Tung and GE colleagues in the middle, front line – photo taken before the COVID-19 outbreak

To a global GE at the heart of local community

In fact, it is common to find individuals like Quang Tung at GE. With nearly 174,000 employees in more than 170 countries of every creed, gender, and background working across a wide spectrum of business areas, GE is a company "without borders". However, cultural similarity and ideology are what makes GE special.

To achieve this, GE offers three fixed core values that run across all countries: act with humility, lead with transparency, and deliver with focus. Therefore, even though departments have to work via email or face geographical challenges and time differences, GE's operations remain smooth.

In addition, GE is also an organisation with a unique working culture: combining global values with local identities to create a productive work environment.

“I have been working directly with engineers and workers for many years. Vietnamese workers are diligent and dedicated to their work. These valuable qualities combined with the professional working style of a multinational corporation have encouraged them to try their best in every situation with a humble and eager-to-learn attitude. It can clearly be seen especially through overseas business trips for learning in new projects or working on site,” said Tung.

Every member at GE is committed to follow the Code of Conduct which embraces a professional and methodical working environment with transparent policies and leadership. The company’s culture empowers employees to push themselves beyond limits. There is also an Ethics and Integrity guide for suppliers, contractors, and consultants of the company, while at the same time, these strict requirements are set for employees.

“At GE, integrity, honesty, and transparency are critical in everything we do. It is like a compass, guiding us to the right direction without being distracted by external factors. This allows all staff at GE Haiphong to work harder to perfect these values. It will not only strengthen GE’s position in the renewable energy position but also carry the reputation of our Haiphong production team further," highlighted Tung.

By Mai Dang

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