Dong Thap creates space and resources for urban overhaul

September 18, 2023 | 09:41
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The Mekong Delta province’s Dong Thap province is prolonging its growth momentum, particularly in urban metropolises.
Dong Thap creates space and resources for urban overhaul
Panoramic view of Hong Ngu city, Dong Thap, photo Phuc Thinh

The cities of Cao Lanh, Sa Dec, and Hong Ngu are closely observing the urban management planning scheme, focusing on developing industries in which these locations have distinct advantages, alluring investment into local industrial zones and clusters for job creation and smoothening market supply chains.

Efforts have also been gearing towards accelerating administrative procedure reform and digital transformation pace to boost public service efficiency and removing difficulties for businesses, from there contributing to raising the local budget, replenishing resources for investment and development, and propelling disbursement of public investment sources.

Pham Thien Nghia, Chairman of Dong Thap People’s Committee, has proposed the sectors and management units at grassroots level to best avail of the province’s potential, particularly in agriculture; embraced a suite of measures on industrial sector restructuring and urban development; and wants to hold regular dialogues with businesses to be able to support firms in a timely manner.

Today, the province is home to 22 urban complexes, including two Grade-2 cities (Sa Dec ad Cao Lanh), one Grade-3 city (Hong Ngu), three Grade-4 cities and 16 Grade-5 cities, with the urbanisation rate reaching almost 40 per cent across the province.

Meanwhile, Dong Thap has urged the local construction department to revise and present revision to its rural and urban system development planning embedded in the general draft planning for submission to a competent management agency.

Along with this, three scenarios have been proposed: development based on distinct brands and locations; development based on administrative units; and development based on growth enablers following Dong Thap administrative units’ general planning to 2030, with vision towards 2045.

By 2030, Dong Thap aims to accommodate 48 urban complexes, upgrade Cao Lanh and Sa Dec to Grade-1 city status, upgrade Hong Ngu to Grade-2, and boast two Grade-3 cities, seven at Grade 4, and 36 at Grade 5.

By 2050, the provinces looks to become a centre for economic exchanges between the Mekong Delta region and other countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion; as well as an ecotourism centre for the whole country.

In light of the general planning, Dong Thap is also set to become a major centre for sustainable agriculture, leading the country in several fields in which the province has distinct advantages, such as seafood, rice, pot plants, and decorative flowers, among others.

The ultimate target is to turn Dong Thap into one of the most liveable localities in the region, buoyed by the criteria gearing towards harmony and sustainability. The general planning features 10 priority fields and 16 major development criteria, balancing among economic, social, environmental, and infrastructure pillars, taking happiness and life quality of people as the key target for development.

The general planning has also presented three development scenarios to ensure harmony in development and reserves for future development.

Accordingly, its urban space will be planned leveraging four distinct inter-district chains. The Tien River economic corridor and urban chain will see the cities of Cao Lanh and Sa Dec serve as the development nucleus, oriented as the strategic economic and urban development driving force of Dong Thap.

The Tien River upstream border economic area will involve Hong Ngu city and Dong Thap’s border economic area serve as the development nucleus, oriented as the gateway for international trade exchange of Dong Thap and the wider region.

Taking Lap Vo town as the development nucleus, the Hau riverside logistics economic area will be oriented as a regional-level crucial point in terms of services and infrastructure, helping to ensure perfect connection of diverse value chains in the province and beyond.

And central Dong Thap Muoi eco-agricultural economic area looks to become an innovative agricultural production area, striving to retain Dong Thap Muoi’s distinct eco and cultural values, and serve as an incubator for future sustainable development values.

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By Huy Tu

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