DEOCA Group pioneers transport infrastructure training with foreign universities

May 29, 2024 | 09:14
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DEOCA Group is known for its transportation infrastructure and pioneering human development strategies.
DEOCA Group pioneers transport infrastructure training with foreign universities

Training cooperation must be tied to practical application

On May 22, DEOCA Group met with École des Ponts ParisTech, the world's leading university in science and engineering, to share experiences in training engineers on traffic infrastructure construction and management, especially railways, at the DEOCA Research and Training Institute.

To meet the demand for the application of AI following current development trends, DEOCA Group has also initiated cooperation with the University of California Irvine to orient the recruitment of Vietnamese students participating in training programmes, and apply new technologies to transportation infrastructure. DEOCA Group is looking to recruit high-quality human resources through scholarship programmes, internships, and real-world work experience at the company.

Nguyen Dinh Phu from the University of California Irvine and president of the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association in the United States, highly appreciated the direction, determination, dedication, and financial capability to invest in human resources at DEOCA Group. He said the cooperation was feasible and would be successful, contributing to the sustainable development of DEOCA with solid foundations.

Over the years, many training cooperations have been established between DEOCA Group and educational institutions, both domestically and internationally. A notable aspect of DEOCA's training cooperation is the close integration between academic knowledge and practical work, allowing new knowledge to be immediately applied to solve specific tasks.

Nguyen Anh Tuan, vice rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, highly evaluated this training method and affirmed that DEOCA is a pioneer in training human resources, which is closely aligned with the practical implementation of challenging and complex projects. Good employees and strong practical capabilities can help projects be successfully executed.

From 2020 to 2022, the company collaborated with the National Economics University to train the group's core management team through an executive MBA programme. It continues to invest in doctoral research on specialised management topics.

Tran Tho Dat, chairman of the Council for Science and Training at National Economics University, said that DEOCA Group is very proactive and demands high-quality training. The company co-develops, contributes to, and innovatively updates its training programmes. The goal is to address immediate issues while having a long-term vision for the company's broader challenges. Strategic management, project management, financial management, and technology application are all part of the training and applied to specific activities of the group.

At the end of 2023, DEOCA Group set a requirement that vice presidents of the board of directors must complete a doctoral degree, and members of the executive board and the board of directors must earn a master's degree within the next 4-6 years.

According to Ho Chi Dung, director of the DEOCA Training Board, this is also a measure to evaluate and enhance the problem-solving abilities of the group's key personnel. The motto "think frankly, speak truthfully, act genuinely, achieve real effectiveness, and create real value" is the guiding principle for all activities, including training and developing human resources, at DEOCA Group.

"With our projects and initiatives, we proactively impart practical experience, not only within the group but also with partners, while expanding cooperation with reputable training organisations to organise intensive courses that meet practical needs," Dung said.

Say "no" to borrowing human resources

It is rare for a large enterprise to have many vital executives or even strategic positions filled by individuals who rose from the roles of secretaries or assistants, as is the case at DEOCA Group. The chairman's secretary is an important position that requires direct training from the front before becoming a leader.

Besides professional skills, they are trained in planning, summarising, connecting, and interacting within the system's operations. Through training and honing, secretaries are selected for promotion to assistant positions, continue to be assigned to work at project sites, and develop management skills before officially participating in business management.

As a company that "says "no" to borrowing personnel", DEOCA Group's personnel training and planning follow the process of "Probation - On-the-Job Training - Work Management - Work Mindset". Teams of successor leaders are always ready, following the model "Flock of birds overcoming the storm 9 – 18 – 36...". Though it may sound theoretical initially, the development paths of many key leaders who grew up in the group are realistic evidence.

Continuous learning and ongoing training are essential factors that help DEOCA succeed and lead. They serve as a model for other companies and corporations in Vietnam in human resource development, meeting practical needs, and creating tangible values for society.

Many questions arise, such as "why does DEOCA Group have its own practical training centre?", and "Why is there a dedicated training department in their organisational structure?" According to Dung, this ensures that human resource development activities, especially internal training and practice sessions, are conducted regularly, methodically, and comprehensively for all levels of personnel and areas of expertise.

People are the critical factor for the sustainable development and international expansion of the group. Therefore, training activities must yield measurable results that practically serve the company's operations.

“Not only is DEOCA Group investing in people for the organisation, it also contributing to creating a civilised society where every individual can maximise their potential," added Dung.

At project management sites that DEOCA Group undertakes, such as Quang Ngai - Hoai Nhon Expressway and Dong Dang - Tra Linh Expressway, spaces are allocated for training offices to enhance labour skills for workers and practical skills and technology application for engineers. Specialised labour safety, first aid, and emergency response skills are also regularly improved.

DEOCA Group identifies “knowledge creates value” as the foundation of all its success. Therefore, each complex project is not only a challenge to conquer, but also a training ground where the staff continually improve their capacity and practical experience to perform even better in future projects. The knowledge of DEOCA Group's people provides the means to create unique value for the company and its partners, generating values that serve society.

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By Gia Nhu

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