Bayer Vietnam's animation movie scoops up three MMA SMARTIES Awards

November 23, 2021 | 17:08
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Bayer Vietnam won three awards for its animation movie "Battle of PO" including the Gold award at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) SMARTIES APAC Awards 2021 as well as Silver and Bronze awards at the MMA Vietnam SMARTIES Awards 2021.
Bayer Vietnam's animation movie scoops up three MMA SMARTIES Awards
Bayer bags three MMA SMARTIES Awards with its animation movie “Battle of PO”

The claymation short video “Battle of PO” is part of the “Your Gut Savior Against Food Villains” campaign launched by Antibio Pro – a long-established probiotic supplement brand under Bayer Vietnam. The campaign highlights the importance of self-care in general and gut health in specific among Vietnamese families through the creative use of animation.

"Your Gut Savior Against Food Villains" is set in an imaginative gut world where the superhero Antibio Pro guards the intestinal town against the everyday threat of unhealthy food. Specifically, fast food is a popular indulgence among young Vietnamese but it is also a frequent source of digestive issues. The story is based on a theme that is important to the audience and their family: the hero Antibio Pro saves all villagers in the intestine village from the villains (food). Thus, it has gone quickly gone viral among Vietnamese parents and children.

“Battle of PO” is the first superhero clay animation in Vietnam that is brought to life through hours of planning and preparation. Over the course of 30 days, the filmmakers built the whole movie set out of clay and shot it in stop-motion. The resulting adorable short video is now on the daily watch list of many Vietnamese families. To date, the short video has received more than 8 million views, 300,000 interactions, and earned 50 articles.

The ad campaign incorporates science and local knowledge into a unique story about gut health that entertains while also educating customers. Thanks to its compelling approach and popularity, “Battle of PO” has won Gold in the Video Advertising category at the MMA SMARTIES APAC Awards 2021 and the Silver and Bronze in the categories of Most Engaging Mobile Creative and Video Advertising at the MMA Vietnam SMARTIES Awards 2021

Luigi Isabelo Dejos, head of the Consumer Health Division of Bayer Vietnam shared that, "Health is sometimes neglected in today's hectic world. Even individuals who track their calories intake are unaware of the pivotal role of a healthy digestive system plays in one’s overall health. We seek to promote optimal gut health and to educate Vietnamese consumers about the benefits of Antibio Pro through the 'Your Gut Savior Against Food Villains' and 'Battle of PO'."

"We want the animation to be more than a cute story with cute visuals; we want it to have a greater purpose, to convey an inspiring message to young people: Study diligently and live an active lifestyle to become ‘superheroes’ that help their parents, and those around them," he added.

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s become apparent that access to self-care will be a key solution to helping the world achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3: Health & Wellness. Eating well, exercising and accessing the right healthcare resources and medicines are all key elements of self-care, which help to prevent illness, disease, and improve the overall quality of life. When people have the power to care for themselves, they live better lives, and healthcare systems around the world become more sustainable.

Bayer Vietnam is encouraging consumers to take better care of their digestive system for their general wellbeing. Thus, help people live longer, better and more fulfilling lives.

By Thanh Van

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