Autodesk subscription transition towards cloud computing development

April 15, 2016 | 14:34
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New commercial licences of Autodesk’s software will be available by subscription only from July 31 this year, instead of the perpetual licences as current.

Phan Trung Hieu - Country manager of Autodesk in Vietnam and Cambodia

Under the new subscription model, customers will pay for Autodesk products and cloud services with multi-year, annual, quarterly or monthly subscription terms. Thus, customers can instantly access to latest versions and product enhancements whenever they are available without paying any additional or update fees.

Phan Trung Hieu, country manager of Autodesk in Vietnam and Cambodia emphasised that the subscription transition was the most important move of the company in 2016.

According to Hieu, this company's decision will aim at the development of cloud computing, as well as deliver continuously evolving software to customers. When this takes effect, the company will provide new, simplified subscription options so customers can access multiple products and share licences as they do today - while gaining the simplicity, accessibility, and flexibility of subscription.

The key benefit for customers when choosing subscription is lower upfront cost and the ability to pay-as-you-go on multi-year, annual, quarterly or monthly subscription terms. Therefore, customers can account the cost for software as an item in operation cost. As a result, companies can adjust more nimbly and with less cost to shifting business environments.

“For example in Vietnam, our customers are mainly in architecture, engineering and construction industry. The architecture firms can choose to pay for software as their projects go, such as purchase an annual and two quarter subscription terms for an 1.5 year project. When the project is completed, they record the software cost in operational cost and stop buying software until getting new projects,” Hieu said.

"This transition to subscription shows the commitment of our strategy to bring better and more diverse opportunities to users in emerging markets such as Vietnam in order to use the most advanced technology in the global industry. With the initial investment reduction, flexibility in the transition from the previous model, it will help to accelerate the innovation of businesses and individuals in Vietnam, encouraging them to make more and better products," said Hieu.

To pave the way for a smooth transition, Autodesk will offer a choice of simplified subscription plans tailored to the needs of individuals, teams or enterprises. Customers will be able to purchase individual or shared subscriptions to gain access to individual products or a portfolio of products with the option of single user licensing or shared network licensing. These flexible options protect and optimise customers’ existing investments in Autodesk technologies and deliver a seamless path forward as Autodesk discontinues the sales of perpetual licences.

Those who purchase a perpetual licence of Autodesk Design & Creation Suites and affected products prior to July 31, 2016, will continue to own and have full usage rights for those licences, and customers on maintenance for those perpetual licenses will continue to receive corresponding benefits for as long as they continue to renew their maintenance.

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