A Haute Couture lifestyle

May 10, 2022 | 12:02
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For the very first time in Asia, premier property developer Masterise Homes is proud to announce its collaboration with couturier ELIE SAAB on a collection of stunning Haute Couture villas by the river.

The pristine nature of haute couture

While the origins of Haute Couture can be traced back to the luxurious regalia of the Rococo period at Versailles, its modern inception is often attributed to Charles Frederick Worth, who founded the first couture house in Paris in 1958. Becoming a legally registered designation of origin in 1945, Haute Couture (literally 'high dressmaking' in French) has precise rules for qualification: each garment must be an exclusive, one-off piece tailored to the client's measurements by accredited artisans.

With hundreds of hours of work put into each garment, Haute Couture dresses command very high prices - ranging from $30,000 for daywear to several hundred thousand dollars for heavily embroidered and intricate gowns. Haute Couture is a window into the soul of the designer. It is the purest expression of creative inspiration, providing the freedom to unleash unrestricted artistry that allows the designer's imagination to run free and explore the extremities of fashion.

A Haute Couture lifestyle
Haute Couture dresses command very high prices - worth hundred thousand dollars for heavily embroidered and intricate gowns

A highly exclusive and international clientele

Haute Couture is highly exclusive and thus accessible to only a very few. It holds a privileged and cherished place in the fashion industry. Haute Couture is a celebration of art, creativity, and craftsmanship. Its high-profile and distinctive clientele attends the Paris shows twice a year and consists of royalty, heiresses and socialites.

With no more than 4,000 Haute Couture clients worldwide, including Marjorie Harvey, Daphne Guinness, Lynn Wyatt, Ulyana Sergeenko, Queen Rania of Jordan, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, Danielle Steel and Wendy Yu, Haute Couture remains an exclusive, luxurious club. This noble audience appreciates the true uniqueness of each piece. Wearing Haute Couture is a symbol of passion, wealth, and prestige reserved for those with a taste for the exquisite.

Elie saab – Master of haute couture

The best things in life always have elements of sensuality, elegance and sophistication, and ELIE SAAB 's universal design language is about the beauty of the female silhouette; pure and simple. As one of the world's most famous designers, ELIE SAAB is a name that shines high and bright among celebrities and fashion industry insiders. Born in Lebanon, ELIE SAAB taught himself to sew at the age of 10 and launched his label in Beirut at 18.

As one of the top Haute Couture houses with stores worldwide, ELIE SAAB devotes itself to the beauty of women, continuously illustrating the idea that haute couture is the purest form of fashion design, pushing the artistry of dressmaking to higher levels, like a precious jewel passed on from generation to generation.

A Haute Couture lifestyle

A red carpet favourite

Every year, under the spotlights of the Cannes Film Festival's glamourous red carpet, award-winning actresses look to make headlines wearing ELIE SAAB creations that feature trademark intricate embellishments, delicate details and romantic lace.

No one will forget the appearance of a Bondgirl at the 2002 Oscars when she made history in a sheer embroidered gown with a crimson taffeta skirt, or Queen Rania of Jordan wearing one of his gowns for her coronation ceremony in 1999. ELIE SAAB's dresses, theatrical yet exceptionally delicate, perfectly blend romanticism, fascination and drama, while carrying an everlasting sense of enchantment.

A world tailored to luxurious details

Focused on feminine elegance rather than extravagance, ELIE SAAB’s style combines Western silhouettes and shapes with a Middle Eastern flair for ornamentation and embellishment.

His style is unique, feminine, sophisticated and dreamy, with signature touches of pastels and sequins. It exudes a refined sense of calm and vibrancy. Borrowing earthy tones and soft shades, it reflects a sense of inner peace and confidence. With delicate blues and creamy pinks, ELIE SAAB's work remains exquisitely feminine.

Haute Couture is about the emotion, the craftsmanship, and the stories it creates. The uniqueness of each piece tells a tale that reflects the personality of its owner. It brings beauty into a frame that exalts precision.

A Haute Couture lifestyle
Gated design villas by ELIE SAAB is coming to Vietnam

Bringing haute couture to villa living

For the very first time in Asia, premier property developer Masterise Homes is proud to announce its collaboration with couturier ELIE SAAB on a collection of stunning Haute Couture villas by the river. The designer's vision is extended to the villas' expertly crafted interiors. The Rivus is a natural extension of ELIE SAAB's sophistication and distinctive detailing applied to the world of villa living.

Each villa bears Elia Saab's unmistakable signature, and like any dress from his Haute Couture collection, each is a highly collectable piece of art of the highest standard. Encapsulating ELIE SAAB's vision and establishing a new landmark for villa living in Vietnam, The Rivus creates an inspirational vision of luxury that will revolutionise riverside living.

Beauty always has a lasting appeal, and perfection with this much precision is a timeless and awe-inspiring expression of modern design, with elements of fantasy and craft that set it apart from other residential developments. Masterise Homes introduces to the world a collection of villas of unparalleled luxury and timeless refinement.

THE RIVUS, District 9, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0828 159 159 ; Email: therivus@masterisehomes.com

Website: www.masterisehomes.com/the-rivus ; Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialTheRivus

A Haute Couture lifestyle
Each villa is a distinctive masterpiece, infused with ELIE SAAB's blend of glamour, sophistication, uniqueness, and craftsmanship

By Ngan Ha

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