VIR to host Digital Media for a Stronger Business Partnership talk show

June 20, 2023 | 09:00
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Government regulators and industry experts will converge for a stimulating discourse on the prospects and hurdles of media digitalisation at the VIR studio on the morning of June 20, commemorating Vietnam's 98th Revolutionary Press Day.

Under the theme Digital media for a stronger business partnership, the talk show aims to address pressing questions regarding the digital transformation trends in Vietnamese media agencies. It seeks to identify the new value created for readers and businesses, the ongoing issues that media agencies need to address, and the concerns of businesses regarding their communication efforts through media outlets.

Live: Talk show Digital Media for a Stronger Business Partnership

The Vietnamese press has traversed a formidable 98-year trajectory, continuously adapting to the diverse hues and currents of the socioeconomic tapestry, playing an instrumental role in the nation's fortification, and impelling innovation, integration, and growth.

Each stage has witnessed distinct manifestations and methodologies in fulfilling this service-oriented vocation, all while collaborating, uplifting, and propelling many development objectives.

Reaffirming the pivotal significance and proactive impetus of information dissemination, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung underscored, "The revolutionary press emerged in 1925, five years preceding the establishment of the Communist Party and two decades prior to the triumphant revolution. This narrative epitomises the momentousness and visionary essence of information exchange. The revolutionary press stands as a vanguard and a thought leader."

"For nearly a century, the press has assiduously focused on content creation, wielding the power of the written word and inked parchment with scant regard for technological concerns. However, digital technology has emerged as the cornerstone of productivity across all domains, particularly in the realm of journalism. Unquestionably, the foremost-reaching impact of digital technology permeates the texture of the press and media landscape. Harnessing digital technology as a journalistic medium has become an existential imperative for the press," he said.

Recognising the importance of the digital media transformation, the prime minister approved the Digital Media Transformation Strategy on May 6. To implement this strategy effectively, the Ministry of Information and Communications has established the Digital Media Transformation Support Centre under the Ministry of Information and Communications' Authority of Press.

According to Luu Dinh Phuc, director general of the Authority of Press, the goal of digital media transformation is to leverage technology to overcome the obstacles faced by media agencies. The aim is to provide customers with a superior experience, increase viewership and listenership, boost advertising revenues, and effectively serve the need for information.

The inception of the Digital Media Transformation Support Centre will invariably bolster media agencies in their endeavours to effectively meet the digital transformation goals outlined in the Digital Media Transformation Strategy by 2025, with a vision towards 2030.

VIR to host a talkshow themed ""Digital media for a stronger business partnership"

Experts assert that the Vietnamese press confronts a myriad of challenges as it embarks on the coming leg of its journey, against the backdrop of fervent competition between traditional media and social networks. To propel this process forward, supportive policies and collaboration between relevant parties are crucial in optimising the operational models of media agencies and creating new products, opportunities, revenue, and value.

To shed light on this, the talk show will be broadcasted at 9am on June 20. It will also be livestreamed on the websites, fan pages, and YouTube channels of,, and

The distinguished guests participating in the talk show include:

Mai Huong Giang, deputy director general, Authority of Press, Ministry of Information and Communications.

Associate Professor Dr. Bui Chi Trung, vice dean, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Social Science and Humanities, VNU, Hanoi.

Le Van Duong, partner, Indochine Counsel Law Firm.

Nguyen Thanh Son, chairman, MVV Group.

Hanh Nguyen, country business development manager, Exness.

The talk show promises to be an engaging and informative platform, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss the future of the media in the digital era and the necessary steps to advance together.

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