VinAI launches PhoGPT: A Vietnamese challenger to ChatGPT

December 07, 2023 | 12:02
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At the AI Day 2023 event on December 5, VinAI, a member of Vingroup, unveiled the groundbreaking PhoGPT, an open-source, large language model designed specifically for Vietnamese users.
VinAI launches PhoGPT: A Vietnamese Challenger to ChatGPT

"PhoGPT aims to mirror the capabilities of ChatGPT, but with a focus on Vietnamese language and culture," said Dr. Bui Hai Hung, CEO of VinAI.

"This model, built entirely on Vietnamese datasets, represents a major step towards Vietnam mastering advanced core technologies independently," the CEO added.

In comparative evaluations, PhoGPT-7B5-Instruct has shown remarkable performance, ranking just below the closed-source ChatGPT (GPT-3.5-turbo) in most metrics. This positions PhoGPT alongside leading global models like Meta's Llama and Mistral.

The PhoGPT project aligns with the trend of open-source, large language models.

"The development team at VinAI is not only enhancing PhoGPT but also planning to extend its capabilities to other languages, especially those in Southeast Asia," Hung explained.

Featuring 7.5 billion parameters and based on the Transformer decoding architecture, PhoGPT integrates advanced techniques such as Flash Attention and AliBi. These features enable the model to excel in understanding and generating Vietnamese text.

During the AI Day event, Hung showcased PhoGPT's functionalities, including poetry composition and question-answering.

He highlighted the model's open-source nature by saying, "PhoGPT is available for wide-ranging applications, including commercial purposes. It serves as a versatile platform for Vietnam's burgeoning AI application development sector."

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