vinfast and gsm announce 21 billion investment for indonesia

VinFast and GSM announce $2.1 billion investment for Indonesia

VinFast and Green and Smart Mobility Corporation (GSM) have forged a groundbreaking alliance with GoTo Gojek Tokopedia of Indonesia.
vinfast makes foray into india with ev manufacturing facility

VinFast makes foray into India with EV manufacturing facility

On January 6, VinFast announced its official foray into India by forming a landmark partnership with the Tamil Nadu state government in a MoU to charge the development of green transportation in the country.
vinfast plans first ev factory in india

VinFast plans first EV factory in India

Vietnamese carmaker VinFast said it will build its first electric vehicle factory in India as part of a planned $2 billion investment, as it looks to expand into the rapidly growing market.
dfc mulls 500 million loan to vinfast for lithium ion battery facility

DFC mulls $500 million loan to VinFast for lithium-ion battery facility

On December 3, the United States International Development Financial Corporation (DFC) and VinFast Auto (Nasdaq: VFS) signed a letter of Interest (LOI) to consider a formal application by VinFast for a $500 million loan to establish a lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Vietnam.
vinfast wins at better choice awards 2023

VinFast wins at Better Choice Awards 2023

The VinFast VF6 and VF9 have been honoured as Popular Car for Families and Trend-Leading Car in the Better Choice Awards 2023 at the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition 2023, hosted by the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).
ev battery infrastructure gains interest from suppliers

EV battery infrastructure gains interest from suppliers

High demand and the work of VinFast and VinES are helping to ensure Vietnam becomes a regional battery manufacturing hub for electric vehicles.
vinfast inks deal with yorkville for up to 1 billion

VinFast inks deal with Yorkville for up to $1 billion

On October 20, VinFast Auto Ltd. entered into a standby equity subscription agreement of up to $1 billion with the US-based fund Yorkville Advisors to fund its overseas expansion.
vingroups billionaire founder gifts vines to vinfast

Vingroup’s billionaire founder gifts VinES to VinFast

VinFast announced on October 11 that its billionaire founder, Pham Nhat Vuong, has transferred it 99.8 per cent of his stake in Vin Energy Solutions (VinES).
expansive us market proving pivotal for strong growth potential

Expansive US market proving pivotal for strong growth potential

Vietnam and the United States are fortifying their economic ties through mutual investments, reflecting a shared interest in each other’s robust growth potential.
vinfast reports 3878 million loss in q2 amid improved revenues

VinFast reports $387.8 million loss in Q2, amid improved revenues

VinFast Auto Ltd., a subsidiary of Vingroup JSC, and Vietnam’s leading electric automotive manufacturer, reported losses in Q2 despite high revenue growth.
vinfast eyes europe expansion amid potential eu tariffs on chinese evs

VinFast eyes Europe expansion amid potential EU tariffs on Chinese EVs

VinFast, the Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, is gearing up to expand its footprint in EU, capitalising on potential shifts in market dynamics.
vinfast sets sights on indonesia with 12 billion expansion

VinFast sets sights on Indonesia with $1.2 billion expansion

VinFast has pinpointed Indonesia as a focal point in its strategic expansion, with the country's abundant nickel resources - a crucial component for electric vehicle (EV) batteries - presenting a considerable attraction for EV manufacturers globally.
be group working with vinfast and cake by vpbank to promote ev use

Be Group working with VinFast and Cake by VPBank to promote EV use

Be Group signed a cooperation agreement on September 8 with VinFast and Cake by VPBank to encourage its drivers to switch from petrol to electric vehicles (EVs), meaning thousands of Be drivers will benefit from VinFast's support policies and have access to financial solutions from Cake the digital bank.
ev charging stations enticing for investors

EV charging stations enticing for investors

As electric vehicles become more popular, developing charging stations and equipment is a promising area for investment.
vinfast to attend global ev show in canada

VinFast to attend global EV show in Canada

VinFast, Vietnam’s first electric vehicle (EV) maker, has announced it will attend the 2023 Fully Charged Live show, held for the first time in Canada from September 8-10.