inflation pressure to potentially moderate for vietnam

Inflation pressure to potentially moderate for Vietnam

Although upcoming increases in electricity and salaries will pressurise inflation, a reduction in purchasing power could make it possible for the government to control it.
training support for chip sector sped up

Training support for chip sector sped up

The United States is placing a special focus on supporting Vietnam in semiconductor development with a new cooperation framework, with growing interest from American investors.
new review nears on vietnams unregulated fishing status

New review nears on Vietnam’s unregulated fishing status

The Vietnamese government is intensifying a crackdown on unregulated fishing, in a bid to abide with regulations set in the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and the Food and Agriculture Organization.
eu vietnam free trade agreement implementation kicks into higher gear

EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement implementation kicks into higher gear

Vietnam and the EU are amplifying investment and trade ties seconded by a bilateral free trade deal, with the latter committing to assist the former in implementation.
us and vietnam crack on with partnerships

US and Vietnam crack on with partnerships

The US and Vietnam are utilising their freshly forged comprehensive strategic partnership with several initiatives, with growing interest from US investors in the Southeast Asian market.
plan adoption acknowledges likely issues

Plan adoption acknowledges likely issues

Vietnam’s socioeconomic development path for 2024 has taken shape, with a need to devise more schemes to boost industrial production and improve domestic consumption given global ongoing economic difficulties undermining the country’s exports.
dutch activity in abundance with vietnam

Dutch activity in abundance with Vietnam

Vietnam and the Netherlands have expanded their ties in the digital realm and in semiconductors, in addition to consolidating traditional cooperation in climate change and water management.
an upgraded asean bloc within reach

An upgraded ASEAN bloc within reach

ASEAN member states will review their plans on expanding trade and investment within the bloc, making it more favourable for Vietnam to latch onto related bonanzas.
interest rises for singapores businesses

Interest rises for Singapore’s businesses

Vietnam and Singapore have upgraded their bilateral connectivity framework agreement to include new areas, making it more favourable for businesses of both nations to intensify trade and investment ties.
vietnams climate change strategy must be sped up

Vietnam’s climate change strategy must be sped up

The Vietnamese government is urging ministries to expedite the formulation of actions to materialise the national climate change strategy enacted last year, with a highlight on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
leader visit heralds fresh korean ties

Leader visit heralds fresh Korean ties

Vietnam and South Korea have broadened their comprehensive strategic partnership by setting out a new landscape on economic ties, including an expansion of trade and investment.
nations net zero aim given strategic boost

Nation’s net-zero aim given strategic boost

Vietnam’s fresh national climate change strategy, which highlights a crucial energy transition, will help the country reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fulfil its international commitment.
cptpp gains allure new states

CPTPP gains allure new states

Three years into implementation of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, a range of other diverse economies are seeking to fast-track their accession into the bloc – which in turn could help Vietnam integrate deeper into cross-border activities.
blue economy model gathering pace

Blue economy model gathering pace

Vietnam is in need of a long-term roadmap for developing its potential marine economy in pursuit of its sustainable development strategy by 2030 and in response to climate change – and a fresh scenario for this effort is expected to be a sound answer.
wide ranging efforts boost exports

Wide-ranging efforts boost exports

Vietnam’s export-import landscape is regaining big momentum on the back of a rebound in domestic production and the growing demand from many foreign markets, with a brighter trade outlook for the economy for the entire year.