building a powerful and prosperous vietnam

Building a powerful and prosperous Vietnam

In light of the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, by 2025 Vietnam will become a modernity-oriented industrial nation, before rising into a modern industrial nation by 2030, laying the bedrock towards reaching the goal of turning Vietnam into a developed nation with a fairly high level of per-capita income by 2045, when the country will celebrate its 100th anniversary.
the right time to fully reopen the economy

The right time to fully reopen the economy

People and businesses in the southern growth engine of Ho Chi Minh City are yearning for daily life to resume, but is it the right time? Professor Dr. Tran Ngoc Tho from Ho Chi Minh City Economics University elaborated on the issues with VIR’s Nguyen Hong.
sustainable buildings fit for tomorrow

Sustainable buildings fit for tomorrow

Which hurdles face the construction of buildings that ensure comfort, healthiness, enrichment of local culture, and environmental friendliness? Ton Nu Thanh Mai and Nguyen Hong Nhung from the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network (EEN-Vietnam) discuss if the construction market in the new normal can accept current supply chain and operations quality.
new decrees vitamin boost to small and mid sized business

New decree’s vitamin boost to small- and mid-sized business

With the recent promulgation of Decree No.37/2020/ND-CP, the Vietnamese government offers a lifeline for small- and medium-sized enterprises as a necessary preparation to cope up with negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. Nguyen Hong Hai and Hoang Le Quan, lawyers at Lexcomm Vietnam LLC, analyse the potential inspirations of Decree 37 to the continuing growth of Vietnam’s economy.
substance over form in transfer pricing facts and risks

“Substance over form” in transfer pricing – facts and risks

New principles for determining transfer prices in related party transactions (RPTs) were issued for transfer pricing audits and inspections. However, taxpayers applying the principle of called “substance-over-form” are facing some common circumstances and risks.
tax implications on vietnams bond market

Tax implications on Vietnam’s bond market

Through the long process of formation and development, the bond market in Vietnam has been growing in both depth and scale, proving its role as a medium for long-term capital mobilisation in the economy, as well as addressing the shortfall of the state budget.
ease of customs boosted by new laws

Ease of customs boosted by new laws

As the new Law on Customs will become effective on January 1, 2015, the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs are drafting circulars to guide its implementation. Several new circulars are being drafted for customs procedures, e-customs, toll manufacturing, and post-customs clearance audits and inspection.

Novices push index to new high amid listing scramble

Vietnam’s stock market index, currently the world’s top performing benchmark index, continued to hit fresh record highs as local and foreign investors scrambled to buy into a flood of new listings.
bush visit ignites bourse

Bush visit ignites bourse

Vietnam’s stock market is more bullish than ever in its six-year history following the historic visit by US president George W. Bush to the Ho Chi Minh City trading floor last Monday.
vinacapital pushes into it

VinaCapital pushes into IT

Fund management firm VinaCapital last week launched its latest fund dedicated to investing in Vietnam’s information technology and telecommunication companies.
exchange tempts us institutions

Exchange tempts US institutions

Scores of high-profile US financial institutions are making a beeline for the booming Vietnamese stock market, which is believed to be the fastest growing in Asia.
ocbc to buy into vpbank

OCBC to buy into VPBank

Singapore-based Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) has received approval from the central bank over its plans to acquire 10 per cent of the Vietnam Bank for Private Enterprises (VPBank). Upon purchase, OCBC will be the fourth foreign bank to buy into a Vietnamese lender.
acb 190m bond plan

ACB $190m bond plan

Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) is considering an ambitious plan to issue convertible bonds worth VND3 trillion ($190 million) in a bid to strengthen its financial position.

Breakthrough: energy efficient fuel from tra and basa fish fat

Vietnam’s leading catfish co-op Agifish has teamed up with SaigonPetro and two local refrigeration firms to produce a bio-fuel efficient enough to run diesel engines from the fat of tra and basa fish.
banks tussle for deposits

Banks’ tussle for deposits

Vietnamese commercial banks are in a race for more funds, both in Vietnamese dong and US dollars, by hiking deposit interest rates despite the consensus reached last year among local banks not to use interest rates as a tool for competition.