matsukiyo to open new store in hanoi

Matsukiyo to open new store in Hanoi

Matsukiyo, a beauty and healthcare retailer from Japan, has decided to open a new store in Hanoi, the brand's first in the capital, and increases the number of its stores in Vietnam to seven.
japanese retailers repositioning strategies in vietnams shifting landscape

Japanese retailers repositioning strategies in Vietnam’s shifting landscape

Japanese retailers are changing their business and investment strategies to adapt to Vietnam’s evolving retail landscape.
japanese retailers jumping on board

Japanese retailers jumping on board

During the last few years, Japanese investors boldly expanded their influence in Vietnam, especially in the retail sector.
japanese retailers are committed to the huge potential of the vietnamese market

Japanese retailers are committed to the huge potential of the Vietnamese market

Following the reopening, more Japanese retailers are stepping up operations in Vietnam, betting on the huge potential consumption demand of local customers.
japans retailers reaching out to vietnams market

Japan’s retailers reaching out to Vietnam’s market

Japanese retailers are increasingly amplifying business activities in Vietnam as the country’s middle class expands amid market conditions in their home country slowing down.
japan retailers to charge for plastic bags from 2020

Japan retailers to charge for plastic bags from 2020

Japanese retailers including supermarkets and convenience stores will be required to charge for plastic bags from next summer ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, a government panel agreed Friday (Nov 1).
the fantastic four japanese retailers in vietnam

The “fantastic four” Japanese retailers in Vietnam

Japanese retailers AEON, Takashimaya, 7-Eleven, and FujiMart will create new consumer habits instead of buying and hunting for sales like Big C and Metro Cash & Carry did 10 years ago.
retailers yet to break down door

Retailers yet to break down door

Despite its rich potential, Vietnam has largely failed to attract new foreign retailers since its door was fully opened in early 2009.
retailers jostle for superiority

Retailers jostle for superiority

The boom of e-commerce in the rental market space in commercial centres has forced developers to assert their distinct identities.
suburbs the new frontier retailers

Suburbs the new frontier retailers

Ho Chi Minh City neighbourhoods are becoming the new retail frontier as developers look to tap shopping-savvy suburban residents.
retailers adapting to new behaviours

Retailers adapting to new behaviours

With online retail thriving during the global pandemic, many retailers have increasingly adopted technologies to meet the new shopping trends.
innovation the name of the game for retailers

Innovation the name of the game for retailers

Applying technology in the retail industry is the next step in its evolution and will enable the offering of new experiences for customers while, conversely, retailers that are sluggish to update and innovate face being left behind. Nguyen Huong reports.
lack of retailers buy in

Lack of retailers’ buy-in

Dark clouds of uncertainty still linger over the opening of Vietnam’s retail and distribution markets to foreign firms.
retailers reach out for business

Retailers reach out for business

Retail firms are stretching their tentacles to strengthen domestic market positions.
petrol retailers demand major changes

Petrol retailers demand major changes

Retail petroleum businesses have asked to stop contributing to the petrol price stabilisation fund, increasing the commission to reduce losses and permanently withdrawing the licence of unprofitable retailers.