NextTech and Next100 invest $500,000 in Chatbot Vietnam

April 07, 2020 | 22:44
In the middle of COVID-19, the technology startup Chatbot Vietnam Co., Ltd. received $500,000 investment from domestic technology company NextTech Group of Technopreneurs and early-stage-focused fund Next100. At a time when people are getting used to text messaging, the product is expected to become one of the key tools of online trade.
nexttech and next100 invest 500000 in chatbot vietnam
Bot Ban Hang supports automated messages to assist businesses to save time and optimise their communications

With the seed capital of half a million dollars, the company will expand its customer base for the product Bot Ban Hang.

Founded at the end of 2017, Bot Ban Hang is one of Vietnam's first chatbot platforms which supplies professional messages to answer queries and aid customer interaction for online businesses.

More than 14,700 businesses have installed Bot Ban Hang and the app has attracted 10 million customers or more from five countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, the United States, Korea, and Japan. The company attracted over 14,000 businesses and 10 million customers from Vietnam.

Bot Ban Hang's notable features include building up a list of potential customers for each user, saving customers' search history, and arranging an experiential journey for them with the company’s products, as well as interacting with customers. With these useful attributes, the platform helps not only the company to generate revenue and save 80 per cent of online time and 60 per cent of workforce but also helps customers to have an enjoyable and fulfilling online trading experience.

Along with blockchain, AI, and big data, chatbots have been a startup trend in Vietnam since 2017. The most commonplace applications are Google Assistant of Google, Cortana of Microsoft, and Messenger of Facebook. These platforms aid people by serving as digital personal assistants and help with online transactions and customer care services. Besides, there are more commercial activities which are prevalent among people like booking, shopping, searching, and goods inquiries that are all supported.

With the enormous benefits it brings about, chatbots are now popular among tech companies, especially startups. Every day, there are more than 11,000 chatbots on Facebook being used.

By Thanh Van

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