Malibu Walk in the heart of Masteri Waterfront quenching Hanoi’s thirst for entertainment

November 11, 2021 | 08:00
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With exclusive recreational facilities and a variety of high-class restaurants and shophouses, Malibu Walk, the new lifestyle hub in the heart of Masteri Waterfront developed by Masterise Homes, promises to not only satisfy Hanoi residents’ needs for entertainment but also offer them world-class experiences.

The need for entertainment among Hanoi dwellers re-emerges after social distancing

This time last year, while capital citizens might have been enjoying hanging out on the beach hundreds of kilometers away from home or having their weekend dinners in fully packed restaurants, the fourth Covid-19 wave has completely inhibited these practices. Instead of vacationing far from home, people are exercising greater caution and choosing amusement venues closer to home to ensure their safety and privacy.

In fact, in response to the question "what to do for entertainment in Hanoi", the common answer is just encapsulated in a few certain activities such as eating out, going for a coffee, watching movies, or shopping in popular urban malls, all of which people are still reluctant to engage in at the moment. As a result, currently, many young adults or families have been turning to suburban attractions rather than gathering at downtown plazas.

A spokesperson for a resort in Ba Vi claimed that after its reopening in October, the resort has been fully booked for the weekends until the end of November, and it is now taking bookings for December.

Malibu Walk in the heart of Masteri Waterfront quenching Hanoi’s thirst for entertainment
Crowded shopping malls are no longer the number one choice for weekend entertainment

Speaking of the family's need for weekend shopping and entertainment, Ms. Minh Hoa, a resident of a large urban residential complex in Hanoi, said: "We have stayed at home constantly during the last social distancing period, not only the children miss outdoor activities, but I myself also feel suffocated. We hope the whole family can go somewhere during the weekend to have fun, but it takes too long to book suburban venues and I'm a bit afraid of the crowds. If only Hanoi had a few new amusement areas.”

World-class facilities at Malibu Walk

Aware of the people’s entertainment needs, recently, real estate developer Masterise Homes has introduced Malibu Walk, a new lifestyle hub in the heart of the Masteri Waterfront project, within the Ocean Park in the East of Hanoi. Malibu Walk was established not only to help "quench the thirst" for a new leisure destination but also expected to become the first international lifestyle hub in the East of Hanoi.

Malibu Walk in the heart of Masteri Waterfront quenching Hanoi’s thirst for entertainment
Malibu Walk – the new lifestyle hub at the center of Masteri Waterfront, in the heart of the Ocean Park.

Inspired by Malibu, the bustling Californian coastal city (US), Malibu Walk recreates a refreshing vibrant lifestyle, combining all leisure, entertainment, shopping, and resort facilities of a coastal city.

With a total area of about 7.3 hectares, Malibu Walk owns up to 24 unique amenities, including reflective gardens, internal parks, walking paths, and a wide range of shophouses right at the foot of each Masteri Waterfront tower, meeting all the diverse entertainment needs of visitors.

For shopaholics, Malibu Walk features high-end fashion boutiques and fine dining restaurants overlooking the lake and lying along the main boulevard. This is where shopaholics can indulge themselves in shopping all day, or enjoy Eurasian cuisine with family in various well-known restaurants.

Satisfying the needs of those wishing for a peaceful and refreshing weekend, Malibu Walk is an ideal one-day retreat for capital dwellers with the prime location directly facing the saltwater lake. Away from the hustle and bustle, everyone can reward themselves with a leisurely weekend, strolling along the white sand beach and gazing at the immense blue sea just to unwind.

As for those who seeking for top beauty services, Malibu Walk offers care and relaxation services of international-standard quality, ensuring the flawless, unrivalled experience.

Malibu Walk in the heart of Masteri Waterfront quenching Hanoi’s thirst for entertainment
Visitors can comfortably roam all day under the glass dome structure above the shophouses

It goes without saying that Malibu Walk is the final element to complete the "Live Experimentally – Live Exquisitely – Live Easefully" ecosystem at Masteri Waterfront, providing its residents with diverse and exclusive recreation via a three-layered utility scheme: the entertainment boulevard, the private facilities of high-class apartments, and the public utilities of the Ocean Park urban area.

With all the advantages of a golden location only 15-20 minutes away from downtown, the unique saltwater lake, exceptional facilities and landscapes, as well as the presence of world-class brands, Malibu Walk plays a vital role in enhancing the value of the Masteri Waterfront project, which so far has already attracted strong interest from the market, and is expected to become a new entertainment center for capital residents soon.

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By Mai Dang

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