Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam

April 30, 2022 | 08:00
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Laservision, the creator of legendary water and light shows in Hong Kong and Dubai, will produce the wonder of nightlife with a stunning combination of lasers, music, and smoke at MerryLand Quy Nhon amidst the backdrop of the ocean and skyline on Hai Giang Peninsula. Shannon Brooks, CEO at Laservision shared, with VIR's Thanh Van the story behind the scenes of the unique tourism attraction.

Anyone who has visited Hong Kong will remember A Symphony of Lights, the world's largest light and sound performance show, which has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

At 8pm every night, the 44 buildings along Victoria Harbor come alive with the surreal harmony of a symphony orchestra, fountains, lasers, and multicoloured ornamental lights. Visitors can listen to both traditional Chinese and Western musical instruments. The show not only reflects the characteristics of a modern metropolis but also maintains its indigenous cultural and spiritual values.

Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam
A Symphony of Lights is the world’s largest light and sound show according to the Guinness Book of Records

Laservision is the name behind the A Symphony of Lights. The company is world-renowned for its water, sound, and light shows, several of which have been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records such as the Imagine show at Dubai Festival City and the Wonder Full show at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Laservision has also developed a project for MerryLand Quy Nhon – the commercial tourism resort city. In complex, the project set a record as Vietnam's largest and longest water music square, offering some of the world's most distinctive and remarkable sensory experiences.

Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam

Laservision has created many iconic and long-standing music shows. How can these masterpieces keep their tourist appeal despite the passage of time?

We are entering our fourth decade of operation. Throughout this journey, we've been lucky to create the world's most iconic night sights and attractions, breaking many Guinness World Records.

We have developed Dubai Festival City, the oldest attraction in Dubai. The Marina Bay Sands is another landmark in Singapore. We transformed the skyline into the most popular nightlife destination in Hong Kong. A Symphony of Lights show has become the iconic image of Hong Kong.

All of these structures are based on the same basis. That is, we always pay close attention to relevant factors such as performance space, natural environment, and local culture. We then come up with appropriate design solutions and deliver them to the performances with distinctive, intriguing, and fresh stories. This is a prerequisite to ensure that the destination always maintains its attractiveness to tourists day in and day out.

Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam
Shannon Brooks, CEO of Laservision

What is the inspiration for you and Laservision to create such masterpieces?

The most thrilling moment for us is witnessing a show debut and seeing all the amazed faces light up during the performance. All the months, years of planning, installation, creative development, design, manufacturing, and programming turn into a breathtaking, top-notch performance. That's really a great thing.

What thrills us is that we have created experiences that will last a lifetime and positively impact all audiences. That is what drives us to produce new and more unique experiences on a regular basis.

We have brought all this experience, passion, and motivation to one of our latest projects at MerryLand Quy Nhon project in collaboration with Hung Thinh Corporation.

MerryLand Quy Nhon maintains a particular place in Laservision's heart with its massive scale, beautiful location, and touching stories. All of these things will leave an impression on all visitors to the project as well as the audiences of the performances.

Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam
Laservision's top-notch water music shows at MerryLand Quy Nhon bring new experiences for viewers

What were your impressions when coming to MerryLand Quy Nhon and how will these be expressed in Laservision's shows?

The unique terrain of MerryLand Quy Nhon with its sea, valley, and mountains is a perfect setting for water music shows. The project is surrounded by mountains, which create a natural theatre in a one-of-a-kind stunning setting.

Because the project is close to the sea, the direction of the wind is critical to the operation of the show. The fountain control system was designed by Laservision to maximise performance for the show based on weather conditions.

Laservision offers one-of-a-kind projects that are tailored to each area and audience. MerryLand Quy Nhon is no exception. The water music square has been designed by Laservision's creative team over several months to become a unique attraction in Vietnam, captivating the imagination of visitors and elevating MerryLand Quy Nhon to become a must-visit destination on the global tourism map.

Visitors to MerryLand Quy Nhon will experience incredible things that they have never seen before in Vietnam. We've deployed multiple technologies spanning thousands of square feet to create stunning effects that touch the emotions and create memorable moments for the audience. We want the audience to remember their visit to MerryLand Quy Nhon and reflect on their experiences.

Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam
Impressive water music performance at MerryLand Quy Nhon

Can you share some facts and figures about the water music square project?

MerryLand Quy Nhon's water music square is quite large with more than 300 sprinklers at a height of 30-50m and giant fire nozzles of up to 20m. We also use the newest technology in laser projection and many cutting-edge technologies to create sensational and memorable moments.

The square is designed to host various entertainment activities throughout the year such as the visual display of regional stories, musical performances, seasonal events, and mega events. We're collaborating closely with Hung Thinh's team to build programmes with new and appealing content.

Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam
Laservision adopts many modern technologies to bring breathtaking performances

What is the story behind the performances that Laservision will create for MerryLand Quy Nhon?

At this time, we can only reveal that the first official performance at MerryLand Quy Nhon will be an exciting adventure story of a young man. The show called Mystic of the Wonderland tells about a fisherman’s son. The boy grew up with his father, who is a respected village head. He not only learned a lot about the sea but also about ways to live in harmony with nature.

When his father fell ill, evil forces from the bottom of the sea arose to disrupt the balance and harmony of nature.

The audience will follow the boy on an epic adventure to explore mystical worlds. With the help of guardian gods from the sky, land, and sea, he has made efforts to bring peace to the village and peninsula.

The story is told with sound, light, and 3D mapping in an epic show full of surprises. This is the first of many stories to be performed at MerryLand Quy Nhon’s water music square. Laservision and Hung Thinh Corporation will continue to work closely to deliver many epic stories and events that will wow audiences every night for years to come.

Laservision CEO: Visit MerryLand Quy Nhon for unprecendented scenes in Vietnam
Laservision and Hung Thinh Corporation will continue to work closely to bring new and attractive shows

What was the role of local culture to develop shows for MerryLand Quy Nhon?

Laservision designed MerryLand Quy Nhon’s water music square to attract the audience with stories associated with the culture of the land. There are also unique themed programmes, fountain music shows, and world-class entertainment technologies.

We've combined fountains, lasers, and flame effects to create dramatic stories. As a result, audiences will be immersed in the space and want to return to MerryLand Quy Nhon.

By Thanh Van

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