KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

July 19, 2023 | 16:32
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The 2023 KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator is a prestigious global competition hosted by KPMG Private Enterprise that recognises groundbreaking companies in the technology industry from 26 countries around the world. During the semi-final stage in Vietnam and Cambodia on July 20, the top six finalists in their respective markets were unveiled.
KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

The contest aims to shed light on companies that push the boundaries of what is possible in the tech industry while championing diversity and fostering collaboration across the globe. The competition serves as a platform for fostering connections and partnerships, facilitating knowledge exchange, and propelling the global tech ecosystem forward. This year's competition has attracted hundreds of exceptional entries from around the world, representing a vast array of sectors within the technology and innovation landscape.

Nguyen Tuan Hong Phuc, partner, head of Telecom, Media and Technology, KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia, said, "We were astounded by the level of creativity, vision, and ingenuity demonstrated by all participants. The diverse range of companies and their innovative solutions truly reflect the global nature of the tech industry. We aim to support the continued growth of the tech sector and the entrepreneurs who are becoming the next generation of technology leaders."

"We’ve invited tech innovators who've been establishing themselves over the last five years throughout the country to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to introduce their innovations to the world and take their businesses to the next level," Phuc added.

Each of the top six finalists has demonstrated groundbreaking advancements in their respective fields, showcasing a commitment to addressing real-world challenges and improving lives through technology. Let's have a closer look at each of the 2023 Global Tech Innovator finalists from Vietnam and Cambodia.

1. Benkon

KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

A startup dedicated to energy-saving solutions with a particular focus on optimising AC systems for businesses in Vietnam. Benkon aims to address common business challenges such as cost, administration, and human resources while promoting sustainable development. With a strong commitment to combating climate change, Benkon strives to become a leading green-technology startup in Vietnam and beyond.

2. Credify

KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

A revolutionary embedded-finance firm with cutting edge, self-sovereign identity and secure data passporting technologies. Their privacy-first financial services platform offers cross-offering solutions. With a culturally diverse community spanning five nationalities and four generations, Credify's experienced team has a proven track record in Asia when it comes to complex system engineering, including widely adopted embedded hardware and successful fintech solutions.

3. Digime

KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

Digime provides advanced geolocation data solutions for businesses, delivering accurate location intelligence and customised AI-model training for informed decision-making. By offering flexible data packages, advanced analytics tools, and customised solutions, Digime empowers businesses to leverage location intelligence to unlock new growth opportunities in the dynamic SEA market.

4. eJoy Learning

KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

eJoy Learning is an education technology company that is revolutionising the way we learn languages. Their immersive and gamified language learning platform harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to provide personalised and engaging language-learning experiences for students of all ages.

5. Graphicsminer

KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

Graphicsminer is an eco-conscious startup disrupting the plastic-toy industry by creating high-tech playthings from sustainable cardboard material. Their mixed-reality platform enhances play with gamification scenarios for immersive learning.

6. Wareflex

KPMG tech innovator contest unveils top 6 finalists

Wareflex is Vietnam's first on-demand warehousing platform, providing flexible, pay-as-you-go warehouses. The startup currently has a network of more than 100 warehouses and is growing rapidly throughout Vietnam. Products on Wareflex are highly diverse, from normal, cold, and outdoor storage, to e-commerce service warehouses.

As the top six finalists prepare for the country final of the contest on July 27, they will have the opportunity to showcase their innovations to an esteemed panel of judges comprising industry experts, investors, and thought leaders.

The ultimate winner will represent Vietnam and Cambodia in the global final at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal in November, along with gaining a range of benefits and recognition that will catapult their company to new heights.

The 2023 KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator contest represents a significant milestone in the journey towards technological advancement and societal progress. By celebrating breakthroughs, encouraging diversity, and fostering innovation, this competition sets the stage for further advancements that will shape the future of the technology industry.

The KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator Competition was introduced in 2021 to build upon KPMG’s success in the UK's Best British Tech Pioneer competition. In the first year of the global competition, 17 countries participated in the competition. In 2022, the competition grew to include 22 countries and jurisdictions from both mature and emerging markets.

Companies from the startup to growth stages were invited to pitch their innovations and present their ambitions to panels of local and global industry experts for the opportunity to be recognised as a major technology innovator in their country and ultimately on the world stage.

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