Guarantee incentives for corporate customers at BAC A BANK

December 02, 2020 | 16:19
In an aim to support enterprises to improve their competitiveness and optimise business costs, locally-invested BAC A BANK has been implementing a programme on offering incentives for enterprises that have their guarantees at the bank.

The programme is implemented during November 11 and March 31 this year in the entire system of BAC A BANK, with flexible guarantee costs at the bank. It is applied to new corporate customers who want to issue guarantees at BAC A BANK and existing corporate customers that were approved for a guarantee.

guarantee incentives for corporate customers at bac a bank
BAC A BANK is offering attractive incentives to customers

Accordingly, in case a customer issues a commitment on providing credits and bidding guarantee (for the first time) at BAC A BANK: with each contract winning the tender, the customer shall ask BAC A BANK issue other guarantees – the cost reduction will range from 20 per cent (for the second guarantee) to 40 per cent (for the fourth guarantee onward).

In case the customer has already received one guarantee (for the first time) from BAC A BANK and wants to issue other guarantees on the same economic contract at BAC A BANK, the maximum cost reduction will be 30 per cent which is applicable to the fourth guarantee.

This programme is valid to BAC A BANK’s existing guarantee forms which are aimed to meet enterprises' full demands, including bidding guarantee, guarantee for contract implementation, and payment guarantee, among others.

At the banks, corporate customers can select assorted credit products designed to different sectors such as high-tech agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. Especially the product of providing credit for construction customers can allow customers to use the contracts as guaranteed collaterals.

“In addition to favourable conditions for each specific product, this programme will give the best benefits to enterprises. BAC A BANK vows to support enteprises to promote their competitive advantages via simple procedures and professional consultancy,” said Tran Thanh Hai, director of Wholesale Banking at BAC A BANK.

In 2020, BAC A BANK has continuously been implementing preferential programmes in an aim to support enterprises to weather difficulties and improve operational effectiveness. For example, the bank has offered a loan programme with a lending rate reduction of 1 per cent per year, lower than the existing regulation.

Besides, the bank has also offered another programme with a lending rate of 7.49 per cent per year to enterprises that need to have loans to continue production and business.

By Thanh Tung

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