Grab's new incentives reward driver partners for far away pick-ups

May 28, 2018 | 11:10
Ride-hailing company Grab Vietnam has launched a new incentive programme for driver partners who travel a long distance to pick up passengers.
grabs new incentives reward driver partners for far away pick ups
Grab Vietnam's new incentives encourage driver partners to receive more rides and offer better services to customers

Grab Vietnam has officially launched the programme "Rewards for picking up passengers” in Ho Chi Minh City for driver partners who receive and complete trips in a certain time frame in certain areas.

Accordingly, driver partners will get a monetary bonus for accepting far away pick-up locations, especially during peak hours. The incentive programme will encourage driver partners to get more rides quickly.

Grab Vietnam will pay the bonus without affecting the fare or deducting it from driver partners’ commissions.

Initially, the programme is applied to districts 1, 2, 3, 7, and Binh Thanh from 6AM to 8AM and 4PM to 7PM every day.

According to Jerry Lim, country head of Grab Vietnam, the programme offers bonus monetary rewards for drivers who are willing to take long trips to pick up passengers. This will help drivers to receive more rides as well as increase their income.

In addition, the higher acceptance rate among driver partners will result in quicker ride allocation and shorter wait times for passengers, especially during peak hours. It is expected to improve services and experience for both passengers and drivers on the Grab platform.

Lim stressed that Grab is committed to constantly innovating and finding solutions to improve the quality of service. This is the driving force behind Grab’s development in every country where it operates.

“We understand that passengers want to have more affordable, on-demand transportation, while drivers are looking to increase their incomes for better lives. We will continue to strengthen our technological capabilities to maintain a balance between supply and demand. Thus, Grab can continue to provide safe, reliable, and affordable transport services for the locals," he said.

In addition to the new incentive programme, Grab also adds two new features for its driver partners.

The ‘Passenger No Show’ feature will be applied from May 14, 2018. The new feature will support driver partners when passengers do not show up at the pickup location. If the passenger does not turn up after five minutes upon the driver’s arrival, the driver can cancel the ride without affecting their cancellation rate.

‘Rewarding good deeds’ will also be applied from May 14, 2018. The feature aims to recognise and reward driver partners who act civilised and treat customers amicably, like returning valuables to passengers and carrying heavy items for them. Grab will present gifts for each recognised good deed for driver partners.

By Thanh Van

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