Experiencing driving off-road ATVs in Mu Cang Chai

1,327 views - 29/08/2022 09:41

To meet the adventure tourism needs of visitors to mountainous Mu Cang Chai district in Yen Bai province, driving off-road ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, is being trialled as a tourism offering.

ATVs are popular in many developed countries around the world. With a unique design and strong engine, they can conquer most obstacles on difficult terrain.

Thanks to their ability to adapt to conditions, ATVs have been popping up in mountainous areas in Vietnam and driving them has become a holiday experience for tourists, especially young people.

ATVs are suitable for the terrain around Mu Cang Chai, and perfect for tourists looking for adventure.

Most of the local roads are steep hills and narrow muddy roads. The introduction of ATVs as a tourism offering will also help create jobs for local people.

Source VNA