Vietnam’s overseas investment up 4.6 per cent during nine months

165 views - 18/10/2023 11:03

Vietnam’s overseas investment approximated 416.8 million USD during the first nine months of 2023, rising 4.6 per cent year on year.

Over 244.8 million USD was registered for 84 new projects, equivalent to 70.5 per cent of the value posted in the same period last year. More than 170 million USD was added to 18 existing ones, surging 3.3-fold.

Among the 24 countries and territories recording Vietnamese investments during the period, Canada took the lead. It was followed by Singapore, Laos, and Cuba.

During the period, Vietnamese investors poured money into 14 sectors abroad. The wholesale and retail sector topped the list with nearly 150 million USD, accounting for 36% of the total.

The biggest destinations of Vietnamese investments were Laos, Cambodia, and Venezuela.

Source VNA