Encouragement from VIR’s partners

September 27, 2018 | 09:00
For its 27th anniversary this week, VIR spoke with diplomats and foreign business leaders in Vietnam about the press office’s performance and how it helps them navigate and succeed in the country’s rapidly-changing socioeconomic landscape, especially with the game-changing impact of Industry 4.0.
encouragement from virs partners
Encouragement from VIR’s partners

Pereric Hogberg - Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

I met with so many impressive journalists in Vietnam. I think the best thing journalists can do is to try to listen to the real stories, to be open-minded and curious. It is about transparency, openness, curiosity, and being willing to write and discuss failures and challenges, because they are not the same as mistakes. My country, Sweden, has gone through so many failures, but we learned from them.

I am most interested in real knowledge. Sometimes, I want to understand more about the fundamentals of the Vietnamese economy, what is really pushing and driving the value of the currency, inflation, and taxes. In Vietnam, it is a bit hard to know who is paying, who is paying what, and what the services are.

Phyllis Tan - Senior manager, Investment List Sotheby’s Investment International Realty, Singapore

encouragement from virs partners

As a foreign company looking to enter Vietnam, we are happy to have access to regular and timely updates on local news and developments in English through Vietnam Investment Review (VIR).

We particularly like the data captured and shared via the charts and tables in the Economic Monitoring print page. It would be fantastic if we could see them on the VIR online version as well.

Looking forward, here is our wish list on what we would like to see from VIR: more industry specific forums, perhaps even online, for readers to contribute and interact.

Also, a section on the VIR online version showing summaries of economic, demographic, and development data with local tips for regions like Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, and Hanoi and zooming in on local hotspots such as the Westlake area in Hanoi or District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City.

These would be very useful for foreign readers, and perhaps even the curious locals, giving them a quick glance of the characteristics across various investment locations.

We are also looking forward to more bilingual informative and networking (including those for charity causes) seminars or events for interest groups or industry-specific companies, such as those in the real estate market. These would be wonderful for both local and foreign participants. Keep up the good work and we would like to continue going with VIR in the future.

Pamela Phua - General director, AkzoNobel Paints Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

We are highly appreciative of VIR’s forefront efforts to become one of the most effective channels to convey clear messages from the government to enterprises, including foreign-invested companies like AkzoNobel, and vice versa. In Vietnam, AkzoNobel is well-known for its Dulux and Maxilite paint brands. However, AkzoNobel’s production and business services span almost all areas of the paint industry. In addition to decorative paints, we also have powder coatings, wood coatings, protective coatings, and a whole range of other products.

With such an extensive product range, it is difficult for us to introduce all of them and communicate with partners and customers to help them fully understand AkzoNobel without the effective support of communication channels such as VIR.

In particular, we highly respect your drive to accompanying investors and businesses. Your role in providing timely information and effective business connections has contributed much to creating a more positive business environment in the country.

AkzoNobel is committed to sustainable development, which is evident in both our business philosophy and stance on corporate social responsibility.

Along with VIR, we hope to continue promoting the trends of green building and sustainable urban development which are shaping up to be essential drivers in the overall development of the Vietnamese economy.

Jonathan L. Moreno - Chairman, AmCham Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City

encouragement from virs partners

Let me convey my heartfelt regard to the dedicated staff of VIR. Twenty-seven years of reporting news that is of interest to the professional community is an accomplishment of which you should be proud. The business community appreciates the consistent and timely reporting of business and government news in your online, print, and special publications.

One particular example I remember was the special APEC publication which displayed VIR’s professionalism and showcased Vietnam’s amazing development and dynamism.

VIR is quite an important communication platform, ensuring the business community is aware of the government’s efforts to continue improving Vietnam’s trade and investment attractiveness. It is also an important platform to illustrate the business community’s successes and challenges.

Many times I have seen consistent and relevant VIR articles illustrating issues similar to those AmCham had recently raised with the government. Businesses, the government, and media share a common goal of helping Vietnam achieve an increasingly healthy business climate.

AmCham appreciates VIR’s coverage of its activities. Whether it is covering a networking event such as our annual Supplier Day, which links manufacturers with local suppliers, or an important advocacy issue, VIR magnifies AmCham’s effectiveness.

I recommend VIR continue developing its online offerings, including the possibility of premium services, which enable businesses to access more articles online and have the ability to search in economic data.

Denis Brunetti - Co-Chairman, EuroCham in Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) is essential reading for business leaders, investors, and decision makers. Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and the pace of change means that all of us doing business here need to keep up to date with the latest developments in the market. Therefore, VIR is not just an indispensable source of information, it also helps economic growth through giving its readers – including EuroCham’s 1,000 members – invaluable insights into the trade and investment environment.

EuroCham will also reach an important milestone in 2018. In the two decades since we were established, we have been delighted to welcome VIR and its journalists to our events, including our annual Whitebook launch and Meet Europe 2018, a conference bringing together 200 European businesses and Vietnam’s national and provincial leadership. VIR’s reporting of these events has helped to build new bridges between European businesses and Vietnam.

Looking ahead, we hope the relationship between European businesses and Vietnam will grow even stronger. The signs are positive. The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which we hope will be ratified soon, will open up new opportunities for enterprises in Europe and Vietnam, benefitting consumers on both sides.

VIR will have an important role in making this historic deal a success – raising awareness amongst business leaders in Vietnam and helping them to take advantage of this new trade and investment environment.

Stoney Su - Vietnam country director, Cargill

encouragement from virs partners

Operating in Vietnam since 1995, Cargill – a US-based company focusing on food, agriculture, and financial and industrial products and services – has always been working closely with the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and referring to Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) for market insights, as we trust your sources of information and analysis.

We highly appreciate your well-written macro-economic stories as well as the business events initiated and organised by the MPI/VIR to help foreign businesses like us keep up with market changes and trends. Also, we highly appreciate the MPI’s great efforts to create a favourable environment for foreign investors. Thank you for being such a good companion of the foreign business community in Vietnam.

Despite a conspicuous shift in the digital media landscape, such a key, influential mainstream media outlet like VIR still matters and you still play a vital role in modern journalism.

We would like to see VIR keep up the good work, to invest further into market reports and research, and continue to transition and transform by leveraging digital, mobile, and social platforms. Cargill in Vietnam would like to wish you and your team greater successes, with the newspaper’s reporters and editors becoming increasingly professional.

Michael Piro - Chief operating officer, Indochina Capital

encouragement from virs partners

We have been reading many different sections in VIR such as National, Investing, Property, Companies and Money, but I like the Investing and Property sections the most, which keep us updated with all the latest news about business innovations, new investment trends, and emerging opportunities for co-operation in the real estate sector.

As a company that has many lines of business, the Property column complements our work as a developer, while the Investing column helps us stay connected with the investor community in our role as a consultant.

VIR is one of Vietnam’s leading international business newspapers that is delivered to my desk on a weekly basis. With a diverse range of up-to-date economic and business news, in-depth market analysis, and thought leadership articles in its sister publications, VIR provides a holistic view of the business environment in Vietnam and manages to break down some of the most complex market trends.

I believe that VIR will continue to be at the forefront of the Vietnamese business community and will be one of the main news sources for government officials, economists, and business leaders. Furthermore, it is a platform that does a great job promoting Vietnam’s business activities in the international sphere as one of the leading English-language publications.

The Annual Property Outlook and Vietnam M&A Outlook, two excellent publications of VIR, provide insightful articles encompassing multiple perspectives on key market issues. They highlight the collaborative approach of policy-makers, consultants, and businesses, foreign and local, in driving Vietnam’s economic growth that we observe today.

Apart from that, the online version of VIR is a great media channel where companies can quickly get updated on daily business news. However, the mobile version lacks the promotional banner ads space that is visible on the web version.

Linson Lim - President (Vietnam), Keppel Land

encouragement from virs partners

Over the years, Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) has become an authority of news in Vietnam, providing an effective source of information for enterprises, including foreign direct investment companies operating or planning to operate in Vietnam.

The insightful articles and analytical editorials keep readers abreast of the latest developments in the real estate industry as well as its related laws and policies, helping them make informed decisions.

As one of the pioneers and largest foreign real estate developers in Vietnam, Keppel Land has built a strong relationship with VIR to enable us to communicate our commitment to contribute to Vietnam’s cityscape with vibrant live-work-play developments, delivering solutions for sustainable urbanisation.

Growing with Vietnam into the future, we would like to continue going with VIR in the years ahead.

Chen Lian Pang - CEO, CapitaLand Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

As a long-term real estate developer in Vietnam with 24 years of experience, we recognise and appreciate Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) Group’s responsible journalism over the years as one of the most reputable news sources in the market.

VIR has been one of our key partners that have been with us through the ups and downs of the real estate market, contributing to our growth in Vietnam. VIR has been supportive in covering our business and relevant sectors such as investment, real estate, and banking and finance. In addition, VIR journalists are proactive, knowledgeable, and reliable in reporting accurate news. With these strengths, CapitaLand Vietnam’s brand is enhanced with every report of our business and industry news, which has helped increase awareness of CapitaLand in Vietnam.

In addition, as a foreign company, VIR also serves as a bridge to connect Vietnamese readers with our business.

Sunny Ghaiee - Executive assistant manager, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

encouragement from virs partners

Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) is like a “one-stop shop” for readers as it covers both investment-related information and the latest news in many fields.

VIR is one of my favourite newspapers, as it gives me the highlights of economic news, from which I can track the industry trends as well as find market opportunities.

VIR publications highlight information about important economic factors, such as Property, Investing, and Companies, which provide foreign entrepreneurs with a complete view of the Vietnamese economy.

Thanks to VIR, entrepreneurs could understand the market as well as local companies, then decide which segment to invest in.

I enjoy VIR’s coverage of property and hospitality news, especially the information about global brands investing in the Vietnamese market. With such information, expats can keep track of the country’s growth potential, then find more business opportunities.

Your events have given me the chance for networking with businessmen from many industries, including hospitality.

Through networking, I could also stay up to date on the latest trends.

Brian Hull - Country managing director, ABB in Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

VIR is one of the top business newspapers in Vietnam. I particularly appreciate that information provided by VIR is very reliable. The newspaper is one of my important sources of information about the markets, sectors, and business in general. VIR discusses the country’s hot topics and events, and provides relevant views from experts to help readers have a better understanding of issues. We have had many chances to discuss today’s and tomorrow’s issues with VIR, such as renewable integration, power reliability, water leakages, and increased customer demand for food quality and safety, as well as share ABB’s innovative solutions to help address these issues. I believe VIR is doing well by raising awareness for businesses such as ABB and readers.

Sustainable development is the key for ABB in our daily operations across the globe and Vietnam, and provides secure, long-term gains for our customers and society. The features are very relevant to our business. We have had a lot of chances to share our success stories here in Vietnam, such as the smart management of the Ho Chi Minh City water network, efficient robotics solutions for a local leading soymilk maker and for a leading global electronics manufacturer, reliable power solutions for one of the world’s biggest tungsten mine or reliable power and automation systems for the country’s major cement factories, to name a few.

Nguyen Cong Minh Bao - Sustainability and communication director, INSEE

encouragement from virs partners

Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) is one of the most reputable newspapers for the English-speaking community in Vietnam. It has become Vietnam’s trailblazing newspaper covering political, social, business, and economic life. As one of the leading companies in the construction materials industry and in waste management solutions, we seek useful and reliable information in VIR regarding the current business conditions in Vietnam as well as interesting initiatives from businesses which could drive us to more innovative solutions and partnerships.

I personally enjoy reading VIR because of its insightful news and deep analytical reviews about the Vietnamese business environment by domestic and international experts. As a leader in the construction industry and a pioneer in sustainable construction, with the support from VIR, we have been able to share with the public the sustainable values of our green products that were the first in the market to receive a green label, marking a new benchmark for domestic players. With our slogan “Build for Life”, INSEE confirms its commitment to the sustainable development of society.

We appreciate VIR’s efforts to support the private sector by organising meaningful events throughout the year. Such occasions are an important communication channel between businesses and the government.

Through these events, we have been able to make important business connections with the biggest customers and partners in the market and were able to voice our opinion to policy makers to ensure a fair business environment for everyone, as well as drive along the national sustainability agenda.

Neil MacGregor - Managing director, Savills Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

I have been living in Ho Chi Minh City for over 17 years and VIR keeps me updated on business and economic news from across Vietnam. The articles are diverse, well written, and can be circulated across different sister papers. Savills are very happy to be a long-term partner to VIR, developing high-quality content and commentary together on the real estate sector over many years.

VIR-hosted events, particularly the decade-long M&A forums, brings the pages of the publication to life, with commentary from leading figures across the industry. Participation in VIR events gives Savills additional credibility and reconfirms us as the real estate experts of choice in Vietnam. We appreciate the strength of this platform.

Jan Clohessy - Executive director of engagement, RMIT Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

As the first international economic and business newspaper in Vietnam, VIR has continuously proven itself to be a trusted source of information on business, economics, education, finance, banking, and lifestyle.

We rely on VIR for the latest business news and in-depth features, and especially appreciate the guest articles from industry leaders.

We even had the privilege of writing some of these articles ourselves, and hope to continue offering high-quality content, such as research stories, expert comments, and insight and opinion pieces. It has been a pleasure working with such a talented team of reporters from VIR. We hope to maintain this close relationship with VIR.

Pham Hong Son - CEO, GE Vietnam

encouragement from virs partners

General Electric has just celebrated our 25th anniversary in Vietnam with significant milestones that we are very proud of. In this journey, we have received warm support from various media partners, including VIR. VIR has been a bridge connecting us to businesses and partners, providing market analysis and useful information about the Vietnamese government’s policies.

We believe that all businesses, especially foreign ones in Vietnam, need the media to promote our innovations, vision, and technologies to the public. Furthermore, we understand that it can be challenging for the media to present our technological innovations in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand manner.

Over the years, VIR has helped us relay quite technical information to the readers, including our breakthroughs in various areas, such as high-efficiency turbines for gas- and coal-fired power plants, advanced CT scanner facilities or training centres for the medical sector, and airplane engines from special materials.

The business environment is crucial for the success of any business in Vietnam. We have expressed our wishes, hopes, and concerns through the media to policymakers, especially VIR, which acts as an important bridge between businesses and the Vietnamese government, including the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Thirty years of foreign direct investment in Vietnam, 27 years of VIR, and 25 years of GE in Vietnam – these great numbers tell us a lot about the tightly knit partnership between the government, the media, and businesses operating in Vietnam. On this occasion, GE would like to express our gratitude to VIR and hope that our close partnership will deepen in the future. We wish VIR all the best and sincerely hope that the newspaper will reach new heights!

Simon Matthews - Country manager Vietnam, Thailand, and Middle East, ManpowerGroup

encouragement from virs partners

Since 2013, when I took my role as country manager of ManpowerGroup in Vietnam, I have always been impressed by the information in VIR.

VIR has been serving as the official gateway of valuable and trustworthy information on foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam.

Your newspaper has been important to the foreign business community in the country.

I enjoy the Companies coloumn in the VIR newspaper the most, though the rich and valuable information on FDI in other various sectors is always appealing, too.

I am happy that ManpowerGroup, as the leading global innovative workforce solutions company, are invited by VIR to share our thoughts on the HR industry rather regularly.

VIR's annually held events, such as Vietnam M&A Forum or the roundtable talk on consumer finance, have been offering great opportunities to be updated on economic trends in Vietnam, where I can learn more about FDI and the needs of companies and investors.

However, I expect to see more events focusing on human resources as they are very important to investors, especially in the context that the talent shortage is growing ever more serious around the world, and companies are facing an unprecedented scarcity of workers.

Nguyen Ngoc Bich - General director, Mekong Rustic Management

encouragement from virs partners

I am a reader who has appeared in several articles in VIR’s publications. I still vividly remember the excitement and pride when my comments and evaluation of the field of community-based tourism were quoted in VIR’s articles.

It has become a valuable source of material, also a small joy in the years of work, so I often share VIR articles on my Facebook for friends to read and discuss. Based on the articles posted on VIR, many visitors, especially foreign visitors, became familiar with our products.

They come to experience this new type of tourism and their positive feedback has become a strong motivation for me to continue to pursue replicating the community-based ecotourism model in Vietnam. VIR is a useful newspaper for investors and foreigners living and studying in this country.

We hope VIR will provide more useful and impressive information, becoming a trusted friend for readers.

Vi Nguyet Cam - IR Manager, Vietnam Fortress Tools

encouragement from virs partners

I am an avid reader of VIR. I frequently read newspapers and magazines in both Vietnamese and English, and I consider VIR the most professional financial newspaper in Vietnam.

It delivers news on Vietnam’s economic scene, with focus on the activities of foreign firms and the economic policies affecting their operations.

This is very helpful to readers who are interested in the market. I appreciate the accuracy of information delivered, well-written articles from highly-skilled and knowledgeable journalists, and good editing not commonly seen in English editions of Vietnamese newspapers.

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