Employee-centric culture essential in the digital age

October 30, 2019 | 10:52
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The future of work and business as well as workforce management in the digital age will be discussed at an upcoming HR event in Ho Chi Minh City.
employee centric culture essential in the digital age
Google’s Melissa Nguyen will take part in next month’s Vietnam HR Awards Forum

The Vietnam HR Awards Forum 2019, geared towards both major players and potential entrepreneurships, will offer the most insightful and crucial information not only for HR experts but also CEOs and business leaders alike.

Returning to Ho Chi Minh City this year under the theme Entering Tomorrow Today, the forum aims to highlight the new playground, new rulebook, and new players’ insights and skillsets needed to be future-ready and stay ahead of the changing game.

The exclusive event also brings together 2018’s recognised Vietnam HR Awards winners, spearheading case studies and success stories in their business development and transformation journeys. Companies such as Mobile World Investment, Fushan Technology, and Unilever Vietnam will be part of a panel discussion on how they are reinventing their business models and processes to take advantage of new possibilities, and create an agile, thriving workforce for the future.

Melissa Nguyen, country head of Customer Solutions at Google Vietnam and Thailand, will be one of those to share in-depth insights and perspectives at the forum. At a previous event, Talentnet’s Business Innovation Showcase 2019 in June, Nguyen explained what sets Google apart from other companies in the field.

Google has been long known as one of the most sought-after companies to work for, named as tech company with the best corporate culture, and also a consistent top-ranker on Fortune’s list of Best Companies to Work For.

According to Nguyen, the difference is its huge focus on company culture and commitment to improving its employees’ experience. At Google, “people operations” is seen as the core of the company, the one area that connects and facilitates all other departments. Creating an environment that brings out the best in the employees and enables them to reach their full potential has become Google’s philosophy. More to the point, the way a company treats and leads their internal workforce will be reflected on the customers’ experience towards their services, products, and solutions.

Sharing the same sentiment with Nguyen, Talentnet CEO Tieu Yen Trinh said, “As many organisations harness the benefits of digital transformation and automation, one area that has become a point of focus is the pursuit of an employee-centric culture. Placing a high value on employees creates a culture where employees feel valued, empowered, and energised to contribute their best. This translates into higher productivity, better customer service, and stronger financial results.”

Where to begin the change is also a lingering question for businesses. Raymund Chua, another leader who will address the Vietnam HR Awards Forum 2019, is the man who formulates this change for the better. With a master’s in human resource management, and as certified solution-focused coach, Chua has more than 30 years of experience working across various industries.

To Chua, organisation in the digital age should be both consumer-centric and employee-centric. “It is not a situation of choosing one over the other. The digital age provides us with the platform to do things in parallel. Like Vietnamese bánh da lợn cake, the digital age allows us to work on several strategies simultaneously, one layer on top of the other,” he shared.

Fostering the employee-centric culture can feel daunting to HR leaders, especially in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. However, there are several straightforward steps that can be taken to start transforming the workplace. “We should not fear the changes but rather embrace them,” Chua added. “Change is never natural, and employees should be brought to the forefront, supported and trained along the journey. Every organisation must have a strategic focus on excellence.”

- Vietnam HR Awards Forum is a biennial executive seminar of Vietnam HR Awards hosted by Talentnet Corporation in association with the Newspaper of Labour and Social Affairs since 2015. Accompanying with the event are sponsors such as SeABank, FWD, SonKim Land, TrueMoney, and Singapore Human Resource Institute.

- Vietnam HR Awards Forum 2019 takes place on November 21, 2019 at the GEM Center (08 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).

- For more information, please visit the website at vietnamhrawards.com.

By Vu Ngan

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