Distinct values common to Vietnam’s top employers

December 29, 2022 | 10:00
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Vietnam’s top employers are demonstrating that placing their workers first not only improves their reputation but also helps the long-term satisfaction and potential of the staff themselves.

The Viet Research/Vietnam Investment Review VBE500 event last week, which honoured the country’s top 500 employers and top 10 workplaces by industry, provided an overview of what it takes for leading enterprises to succeed in this day and age.

Distinct values common to Vietnam’s top employers
Distinct values common to Vietnam’s top employers

“Human virtue and kindness are a distinction in our working culture,” said Vu Thi Thu Hien, head of BIDV’s recruitment team.

A bank with the most time-honoured development tradition among Vietnam’s credit institutions, BIDV carved a spot in the top 10 employers at the event.

During tough recent years and despite mounting hardships at a time when many businesses slashed manpower and payroll, BIDV maintained its personnel and ensured stable remuneration for its employees.

Hien noted that the bank aims to cultivate a civilised and safe workplace environment for the employees, meaning that anyone joining the team can comfortably share issues with colleagues and managers for a common goal. “This inspires all employees to strive to bring forth their strength and personal creativeness, from there making contributions to collective development,” Hien said.

This year, the bank has realised that jobseekers have novel desires and requirements when seeking a job. They pay more attention to the job’s significance and flexible work structure.

“Post-pandemic, labourers have repositioned their perceived feelings about the workplace. Besides wages and other benefits, they yearn more bonds between colleagues, empathy from managers, and work flexibility, which are all enshrined in the value chain the employer has committed to employees,” said Hien.

According to the United Kingdom-based marketing and sales consultancy Brand Learning Group, employee value proposition (EVP) comprises an assemblage of distinct features and benefits that inspire candidates to join a company and existing employees to be devoted to their company’s development.

At BIDV, EVP is customised to each group of personnel, from fresh graduates to senior executives, to reach balance between labourers’ personal needs and the bank’s organisation strategy at each stage of development.

Another eminent employer on the VBE500 list is F.I.T Group. Its CEO Nguyen Thi Hoai said that the company began to make strides years ago to create a workplace where the employee can balance life and work and reaffirm personal values.

People born between 1997 and 2012 currently account for nearly one-third of F.I.T’s personnel. Besides working time, such employees are encouraged to join diverse activities such as going to the gym, playing golf, taking part in a reading club, and more.

“The ratio of people switching jobs from us is rather low, below 10 per cent each year. Around a quarter of the manpower has been working with the company since inception 15 years ago, and the rate is much higher if taking into account those who have been at the company for over five years,” Hoai said.

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