Diamond Lotus Riverside is awarded Lotus Provisional Certification by VGBC

December 16, 2021 | 09:00
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Green building developer Phuc Khang Corporation has recently celebrated its high-class Diamond Lotus Riverside being awarded Lotus Provisional Certification by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), making the first step to the Lotus Certification.
Diamond Lotus Riverside is awarded Lotus Provisional Certification by VGBC
Chairwoman of Vietnam Green Building Council awarded LOTUS PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATION – Diamond Lotus Riverside Green Apartments to CEO Phuc Khang Corporation – Madam Luu Thi Thanh Mau (in aodai)

Diamond Lotus Riverside, located on Le Quang Kim Street, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, is the first high-rise apartment in Vietnam which was built under the LEED standard of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and LOTUS of Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) by a local investor – Phuc Khang Corporation. This building was registered for Gold level in both systems.

The total area of Diamond Lotus Riverside is 16,800 square metres. Its construction area is 3,200sq.m. The building density is 19 per cent, including three blocks connected by two rooftop bridges. There are two basements and 22 floors, two or three of which are for commerce and 20 of which are for 760 residential apartments. In Diamond Lotus Riverside, there is a rooftop Skypark – an enormous penthouse for residents with 360-degree view of the city centreer and 8,000sq.m riverside green park with preserved ecosystem.

Diamond Lotus Riverside is awarded Lotus Provisional Certification by VGBC
CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau expresses her emotion and pride when “the spiritual child” Diamond Lotus Riverside is awarded LOTUS PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATION.

Recognising the tremendous effort going into the design, construction and operation, Diamond Lotus Riverside has been awarded the LOTUS Provisional Certification. LOTUS is a set of voluntary green building rating systems developed by the VGBC, a project of the non-profit Green Cities Fund, based in California, USA. In order to achieve LOTUS Gold certification for Diamond Lotus Riverside, Phuc Khang Corporation has not only passed critical assessment of sustainable development and long-term cost-efficiency for residents but also practised corporate social responsibility.

To the great joy of Phuc Khang Corporation and Diamond Lotus Riverside, Pham Thu Hang, chairwoman of the VGBC has highlighted Phuc Khang Corporation's pioneering of green buildings in Vietnam. She said that upon earning the LOTUS certification, the investor will have three big benefits: “First, enhancing society and the environment by reducing the project's ecological footprint. Second, green buildings, especially LOTUS green buildings, provide appropriate microclimatic conditions, heat comfort, light comfort, and sound comfort for residents. The residents will then feel happier in their living environment. Third, standards of green buildings, especially LOTUS green buildings encourage the use of various strategies to reduce overall energy consumption. Energy efficiency standards help reduce carbon emissions and monthly electricity bills, bringing long-term cost-efficiency to residents. So, the LOTUS certification brings three benefit: Environment – Society – Economy to Phuc Khang Corporation’s projects.”

She also expressed hope that Phuc Khang's success would encourage other businesses in Vietnam to develop green buildings for the sustainability of the environment and community.

At the awards ceremony, CEO of Phuc Khang Corporation Luu Thi Thanh Mau thanked the VGBC for their support for businesses including Phuc Khang to build green buildings to serve the community and bring sustainable values to the environment and society. She also shared her pride of having the company's “spiritual child” awarded.

“Though the certificate is provisional, I am overcome with emotion because the values that Phuc Khang Corporation has been pursuing were recognised. This is a special milestone for Phuc Khang Corporation, affirming that the design and engineering of Diamond Lotus Riverside are up to LOTUS GOLD standards,” she said.

The CEO attributed this important milestone to the devotion and hard work of the staff, advisors, and partners of Phuc Khang Corporation. Critical assessments, especially those of LOTUS were strictly applied to each and every phase. All efforts were made with the aim of building an authentic green lifestyle in a peaceful atmosphere, a humanistic ecosystem, and a friendly community for the residents.

Diamond Lotus Riverside is awarded Lotus Provisional Certification by VGBC
Representatives of the Board of Directors, advisors, and senior managers of Phuc Khang Corporation welcome the LOTUS Provisional Certification for Diamond Lotus Riverside

Despite not being a global business yet, Phuc Khang Corporation is proud of starting with a global mindset. Throughout its 12 years of development, Phuc Khang Corporation has become a known and respected investor and developer in Vietnam. With projects containing more than just gardens and parks, paying special attention to natural light and ventilation, green building materials, and energy efficiency, Phuc Khang has become a brand for sustainability and comfort.

This LOTUS Provisional Certification once again affirms the company's efforts to pioneer and promote the creation of a better lifestyle for public health and sustainable humanistic ecological environment in accordance with global green standards.

By Mai Dang

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