Coteccons reflects on 19-year journey with Binh Duong Half Marathon

August 26, 2023 | 15:08
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Amidst a volatile construction landscape, Coteccons' marathon continues unabated, both literally and metaphorically. One might wonder, when a race takes on the essence of a construction company, what fascinating stories might unfold?
Coteccons reflects on 19-year journey with Binh Duong Half Marathon

Evoking nostalgic childhood memories

As marathons continue to sprout up in various locations, both within Vietnam's borders and across different continents, the motivation behind each runner's decision to sign up varies.

Yet, among the throngs of participants at both local and global events, there is a unique magic in rediscovering one's inner child. It is like engaging with a simpler, more innocent facet of oneself that is often overshadowed in the hustle of adulthood.

This sentiment led to the inauguration of the Race Back to Childhood by Coteccons and its partner Le Phong, which scheduled for August 26 in Binh Duong.

While adulthood often correlates with the pressure of chasing ideals, deadlines, achievements, or even glory, the joy of childhood might seem increasingly distant. Moving away from bustling urban areas, athletes will traverse vast rubber forests and cassava fields, adopting a cross-country running format for the first time in Binh Duong.

They will immerse themselves in serene village landscapes, hearing the rustling of leaves and enjoying the breezy outdoors with colourful kites and twinkling lanterns. It offers a momentary reprieve from work stresses, a dive into joyful memories, and a break from life's relentless cycle.

A notable feature of the Coteccons-Le Phong Binh Duong Half Marathon 2023 is the establishment of children's play areas featuring traditional Vietnamese crafts and activities.

The ambition of construction DNA

Every individual inherently possesses construction DNA. From a tender age, with tiny hands, we built huts and sandcastles – our personal projects. As we mature, the aspiration to make significant contributions to our communities and pursue a dedicated career became more profound.

Coteccons reflects on 19-year journey with Binh Duong Half Marathon

From the construction DNA perspective, Coteccons embeds the desire to build righteously, envisioning a better life with sustainable infrastructure that can last for centuries.

In the face of climate change, environmental degradation, and diminishing cultural diversity, the construction sector – not just in Vietnam but globally – confronts numerous contemporary challenges.

As a trailblazer, Coteccons believes these hurdles can transform into advantages, propelling a robust sustainable construction market – provided both traditional and modern solutions are holistically applied.

Establishing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards as its backbone, Coteccons has pioneered by launching an ESG subcommittee, integrating technology, aiming for paperless operations, and implementing solutions, techniques, and materials that minimise energy wastage – which are rigorously controlled.

Their marathon towards net-zero continues, resonating within the community and the surrounding ecosystem. Through the Green Up Marathon, Coteccons is seeking partnerships with visionaries that share their green ideals, extending the journey towards sustainable development.

Coteccons reflects on 19-year journey with Binh Duong Half Marathon

At a sustainable development seminar held in Ho Chi Minh City in March, Bolat Duisenov, chairman of Coteccons' Management Board emphasised, “ESG doesn't just arise from legal regulations; it's also a choice for every business. At Coteccons, we operate with a consistent commitment to responsibility throughout the value chain, aligning with both global and national sustainability goals.”

The Coteccons-Le Phong Binh Duong Half Marathon 2023 on August 26 is set to witness over 2,000 runners surrounding the Lego Factory – a billion-dollar project overseen by Coteccons. This event aims to disseminate the message of eco-friendliness, sustainability, and green living wherever Coteccons operates.

2023 marks the 19th year for Coteccons in Vietnam, as it looks back over the numerous projects that have shaped its reputation. Despite its past achievements, the marathon towards righteousness continues every day.

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