Boeing 777X orders break the 2,000 mark

June 28, 2024 | 08:00
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At a press conference at Boeing's Everett factory in Seattle on June 26, Brad Till, Boeing Commercial Airplanes' product marketing director announced that, as of May, Boeing had received over 2,200 orders for all versions of its 777X family, including 481 for the 777X and 837 for the 777-300ER models.
Boeing's efforts to provide 777 and 787 to remove thirst for airplanes
Brad Till, product marketing director, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

"Our goal is to leverage the success and popularity of previous models, and the 777X is the industry's next favourite light-body passenger jet," Till said.

Unlike the Airbus A350 which has an entirely new design, the Boeing 777X is based on the previous success of the classic 777 planes, including the 777-300ER.

A large portion of the market is likely to be for replacement aircraft, but Boeing also has plans to redevelop four-engine aircraft that are no longer in production.

According to Boeing, around 1,000 large wide-body replacements will be needed through to 2036, including about 100 in total for the period 2023-2025, and 400 for 2026-2030. Demand is expected to rise to around 100 planes per year during 2031-2036.

The 777X family includes the 777-9, the larger of the two passenger variants that can carry up to 426 people and fly about 8,400 miles (13,518 km) non-stop, while the second is the longer-range 777-8, suitable for filling the niche of long-haul routes with less demand. Boeing also plans to build a freighter option.

The 777X will be the next flagship in commercial aviation with jumbo capability and twin-engine economics, unconstrained network growth opportunities, and seamless commonality with the 777 and 787 families. "There is no larger aircraft in production today," Till confirmed.

Boeing's efforts to provide 777 and 787 to remove thirst for airplanes
The Boeing 777X manufacturing plant in Everett, Seattle

The 777X's technology focuses on passenger experience and the capabilities the aeroplane brings, which can be very demanding in terms of range, altitude, hot weather performance, and cargo capacity, making the 777X is unique in terms of its size and capabilities.

The 777X is supported by the latest generation GE9X engine, which optimises core and fan size, has fewer blades, and uses advanced materials; a new interior with a wider cabin; new composite wings with a 72-metre span for high-span efficiency and 5 per cent greater aerodynamic efficiency; natural laminar flow nacelle; a new advanced flight deck; and folding wing tips for airport compatibility. The 777X is the quietest and most sustainable large wide body, with 10 per cent lower carbon and NOx emissions than its rivals.

Boeing 's efforts to provide 777X to remove thirst for airplanes
Inside a test flight of a Boeing 777X

Each plane features auto-land, environmentally friendly materials, low-speed performance, and extended twin-engine range operations.

After the press conference, the media were given a tour of the plane's skeleton, which had its flight control systems and wiring exposed. Engineers monitored different parts of the aircraft, including weight, instrumentation, and engines. Giant black barrels in the front and back of the jet aimed to control weight and balance.

"For our customers, this will truly be the industry flagship," Till added.

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