Big players join hands in national epidemic prevention campaign

February 26, 2020 | 09:00
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The threat caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak has been partly relieved with the engagement of leading prestigious players from the pharmaceutical industry, such as Traphaco. 
big players join hands in national epidemic prevention campaign
Traphaco products can help in viral disease prevention. Photo: Le Toan

The company has recently introduced to the market a set of products for the prevention of diseases caused by viruses, committing to supply high-quality products at stable prices.

This month, production was in full swing at Traphaco’s smart manufacturing plant based in the northern province of Hung Yen.

All workshops were running at full capacity, producing syrup, eyewash, and nasal spray, among others. At that time, the information about COVID-19 had shaken the country, with more and more details about the disease flowing into local media and social websites.

Shortly thereafter, the government launched a national campaign on COVID-19 prevention and control. The fever associated with the scarcity of medical masks and its many repercussions shows that engagement of businesses and corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance to ensure efficiency of the campaign.

In this context, the set of products by Traphaco, including eye-drops, antiseptic mouthwash, and drugs to boost one’s immune system appears a good option for viral disease prevention.

Of these, Antot Thymo helps strengthen the human immune system with the combination of thymomodulin, hydrolysed yeast proteins, and other essential nutrients that have received praise from industry professionals.

In the form of syrup, Antot Thymo caters to people who have just recovered from illness, such as people with a weak immune system or those living in areas stricken by the epidemic.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Bach Mai, former deputy director of the National Institute of Nutrition, Thymomodulin is a good choice to consolidate the immune system and is popularly used today.

“Combining thymomodulin and hydrolysed yeast protein grants duel effects. The former helps foster the immune system while the latter provides essential amino acids which are very important for antibody production, helping the body to fight against pathogenic agents,” said Mai.

Traphaco’s product line-ups have long been honoured for good quality standards, particularly those tailored for viral disease prevention which are produced at Hung Yen’s smart factory.

For instance, the syrup production workshop is entirely automatised, from material measuring to product completion. The drug formula has been well programmed, and the production process is finalised just through the click on the technician’s computer. Diverse stages from hygiene to machine cleaning are all automatic, including the air purifying system which can be remotely controlled through the internet.

Nguyen Huy Van, Traphaco’s deputy general director, revealed that the company has recently optimised its smart factory’s production capacity for the cause of national epidemic prevention, particularly regarding the production of the three aforementioned product lines. Simultaneously, the company has bolstered its logistics activities, quickly sending large batches of products to hospitals and medical centres in provinces and areas in need to catch up with the growing demand for disease prevention. Traphaco’s factory is always in full gear to be ready to supply large product volumes.

By virtue of an expansive logistics system with 28,000 drugstores across the country, Traphaco is well-positioned to ensure quick and sufficient supply of drugs and associated products. This is a plus to product lines produced and supplied by leading brands in the industry.

By Phong Lan

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