APGCons to conquer new milestones

December 23, 2021 | 10:57
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With 2021 being a challenging year to the construction industry, the leaders of APGCons have implemented the 3C model focusing on three core values of Con nguoi (human resources), Cong nghe (technology), and Chat luong (quality) that not only successfully helped the enterprise through COVID-19 but also brought it to a higher position in Vietnam.

Throughout its 15-year journey of development, Ho Chi Minh City-based An Phu Gia Construction Corporation (APGCons) has determined that the years of 2021-2023 would be a time of acceleration when the company will reach new milestones, with improved governance and financial potential. The pandemic, however, has brought mounting challenges.

According to Hua Dinh Tuan, general director of APGCons, besides obstructions in execution and more costly construction materials are difficulties in transportation and delivery. Challenges have come side by side with opportunities and 2021 was also the year APGCons won numerous projects as general contractor.

As of December, the enterprise recorded around VND1 trillion ($43.5 million) in revenue with 18 projects in the development pipeline nationwide, many owned by large investors. Some outstanding projects to be named are Hesco Van Quan invested by a joint venture between Thang Long Group and Hesco, Novaworld Ho Tram by Novaland Group, and a multi-purpose sports complex by Phong Thai Group, among others.

APGCons to conquer new milestones
The red and yellow APGCons logo has popped up at construction sites across the country

Not only did the number of projects grow, APGCons’ journey of “crossing the storm” marked new milestones in both height and depth, clearly demonstrating the company’s governance capacity.

In terms of height, APGCons has completed a bidding package for the construction of the Hesco Van Quan commercial, apartment, and office complex in Hadong district, Hanoi, which features two blocks of 50 floors and one block of 45 floors. Hesco Van Quan is now an architectural and urban highlight of Hadong district.

In terms of depth, APGCons has succeeded as the general contractor of Golden Globe Tower which is located in Ho Chi Minh City’s central business district over a total area of 10,498.86 square metres, featuring 16 floors and four basement floors.

APGCons to conquer new milestones
APGCons general director Hua Dinh Tuan (second one from the right) and partners

“In construction, basement sites often contain more risks and require great execution capacity. We have made accurate plans performed by a team of experienced construction site leaders to ensure meeting safety and quality standards, minimising the impact on the structure of adjacent areas as well as the daily lives of the surrounding residents,” said Tuan.

In particular, APGCons has emerged as a strong unit in engineering construction in the past years. The most prominent project in the company’s portfolio is the design and general contractor of TPT03 and TPT04 projects – the two large-scale projects in Tan Phu Trung industrial park invested by BW Tan Phu Trung Industrial Development Co., Ltd. headquartered in Singapore, having lasting experience in providing high-quality warehouse and factory rental services in the Vietnamese market. In just 11 months, APGCons has completed the heavy workload on a large construction site of up to 100,000sq.m for on-time operation with satisfying standards.

3C model creates impulses to push through the storm

To accomplish these achievements, APGCons has devised agile strategies. For instance, during the stressful pandemic, the company promptly implemented the 3C model, focusing on the core values ​​of the business, including Con nguoi (HR), Cong nghe (technology), and Chat luong (quality). The model has helped the company gradually tackle challenges and leave risks behind.

Throughout the 15 years of establishment and development, the APGCons Board of Directors has made recruitment, training, and HR development a top priority. Up to now, APGCons has acquired qualified HR, including hundreds of skilled specialised staff from prestigious instutitions such as the University of Science and Technology and University of Architecture.

Also, the high number of employees that have accompanied the company for more than a decade attests to APGCons’ specific human development goals.

APGCons to conquer new milestones
HR plays a vital role at APGCons

During 2020-2021, APGCons continues to maintain the flame of enthusiasm within the team by ensuring welfare, salary, and bonus mechanisms tailored to capacity and level of staff’s dedication.

On the technology front, more than five years ago, the early adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology specifically for the construction field had been the foundation for APGCons’ march forward.

Not only did the number of projects grow, APGCons’ journey of “crossing the storm” marked new milestones in both height and depth, clearly demonstrating the company’s governance capacity.

Thanks to the successful application of ERP, the company has significantly shortened processes, flexibly handled work, created a coherent connection between management and onsite personnel, managed and delivered materials in different large sites which are thousands of kilometres away from the headquarters.

“The ERP system helps to optimise our processes from automating management activities, approving construction items, tracking and accelerating progress, reporting at the end of phases to data retrieval. Thus it ensures the quality of the work while keeping us within deadlines and streamlining the team, reducing human effort,” Tuan emphasised.

For quality, Tuan explained that to ensure the project meets quality standards, APGCons also provides a complete “design and build” package to ensure the highest standards from the input stages such as design, planning, and legal to after-sales maintenance at unit and project level.

To provide all-in-one solutions in this sector, APGCons has built a closed ecosystem of specialised companies for each segment such as RoyalMep (electro-mechanics), An Gia Minh (construction equipment and materials), W.H.Y Soft (technology solutions for construction companies), and more.

With a team of experienced personnel, management, and operation processes, executive capacity accumulated over the past decade, APGCons will continue to grow stronger in the coming years.

By Ha Thuy

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