AHK Vietnam at 30: a remarkable journey of partnerships

February 11, 2024 | 22:41
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In 2024, the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (AHK Vietnam) celebrates a significant milestone – 30 years of dedicated presence in Vietnam. This journey stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering robust trade cooperation between Vietnamese and German businesses. Throughout this three-decade expedition, AHK Vietnam has been a stalwart companion, witnessing and contributing to numerous milestones in Vietnam’s socioeconomic development.


AHK Vietnam at 30: a remarkable journey of partnerships
Marko Walde, chief representative, Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos

Established in Hanoi in 1994, AHK Vietnam expanded its footprint in 2005 with the inauguration of a second office in Ho Chi Minh City. What started with a lone staff member has grown into a dynamic team of about 30 employees, reflecting the continuous evolution of our organisation. We provides a spectrum of services encompassing market entry and business development consulting, investment promotion, vocational and further training, and supports German companies in recruiting and finding suitable Vietnamese skilled workforce.

The fruits of our collaborative efforts are evident in the status quo where Germany stands as Vietnam’s largest trading partner within the European Union. Vietnam, reciprocally, has emerged as a significant trading partner for Germany in Southeast Asia. Currently, the 500 German businesses operating in Vietnam have generated nearly 50,000 jobs, making substantial contributions to bilateral economic relations.

Since 2015, AHK Vietnam has played a pivotal role in supporting Vietnamese workers seeking employment opportunities in Germany. Through consultancy services on the recognition of diplomas issued by Vietnamese educational institutions, we have facilitated the journey of nearly 2,000 individuals, with 246 diplomas successfully recognised, leading to 119 successful placements in Germany.

An initiative launched in 2020, Hand in Hand for International Talents, has furthered our commitment to nurturing skilled workers. To date, 47 individuals have successfully ventured to Germany, contributing their talents to various industries, including the restaurant, hotel, and kitchen sectors.

In recent years, AHK Vietnam has championed the cause of sustainable development, aligning German businesses with green production practices. The offshore wind power project in Binh Dinh province, backed by a $4.6 billion investment from PNE AG, exemplifies our commitment.

AHK Vietnam at 30: a remarkable journey of partnerships
AHK Vietnam and the German Business Association held a roundtable during German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit

The project, currently awaiting subsequent phase licences, is a testament to our shared vision of advancing sustainable and environmentally friendly production in both countries. Unlocking Vietnam’s long-term potential as an attractive investment destination for German companies hinges on strategic investments in green energy. AHK Vietnam pledges to accompanying and supporting Vietnam in this crucial endeavour.

Navigating the stringent regulations of environmental, social, and governance standards and the German Supply Chain Act, AHK Vietnam facilitates German companies in integrating sustainability into their global supply chains. Our emphasis extends beyond image-building for German businesses. We actively strive to enhance the competitive capabilities of Vietnamese enterprises by connecting them not only to the German market but also to the broader European market.

As we celebrate 30 years of unwavering commitment, AHK Vietnam remains dedicated to creating positive values, shaping the future of German-Vietnamese trade and investment relations. Powerful, reliable, and innovative, AHK Vietnam continues to be the driving force propelling these relations into a dynamic and prosperous future.

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By Marko Walde

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