defendants in notorious pvc trial are proposed sentences of long term imprisonment

Defendants in notorious PVC trial are proposed sentences of long-term imprisonment

The People’s Procuracy of Hanoi yesterday proposed sentences of imprisonment to Dinh La Thang and other defendants.
visiting trang an heritage region 2024 to join trang an festival

Visiting Trang An Heritage Region 2024 to join Trang An Festival

The Trang An Festival 2024, themed “Visiting Trang An Heritage Region 2024", was organised by Xuan Truong Construction Enterprise at Trang An Landscape Complex in the northern province of Ninh Binh on April 26.
bui river dyke upgrade mooted

Bui River dyke upgrade mooted

Authorities of Hanoi’s Chuong My District are studying a plan to repair and upgrade the Bùi River dyke using pre-stressed concrete to ensure safety for residents when floodwater overflows, said Dinh Manh Hùng, chairman of the district’s People’s Committee.
bui vien pedestrian hours to be lengthened

Bui Vien pedestrian hours to be lengthened

Authorities in District 1 in HCM City have proposed to expand and lengthen the opening time of the Bui Vien Pedestrian Street.
bui vien pedestrian street opens for tourists

Bùi Viện pedestrian street opens for tourists

Thousands of local and foreign tourists flocked to Bùi Viện Walking Street in the popular backpacker area of HCM City’s District 1 as it officially welcomed walkers at its grand opening last night.
bui doi cho lon banned from screening

“Bui doi Cho Lon” banned from screening

The Motion Pictures Office announced on June 7 that “Bui doi Cho Lon” (the gangs in Vietnam’s China town), a highly controversial film which has been strongly disapproved by the office for its overly gory, violent content and has caused quite a stir among netizens, has been officially banned from screening as the newly revised version remains basically the same as the original. 
hcm city to open bui vien pedestrian street

HCM City to open Bùi Viện pedestrian street

Bùi Viện Street in HCM City’s District 1 will be open to pedestrians between 7pm and 2am every day beginning July 15, according to the city’s Department of Tourism.
nominations for bui xuan phai love for hanoi awards announced

Nominations for Bui Xuan Phai - Love for Hanoi Awards announced

The The Thao & Van Hoa (Sports and Culture) daily of the Vietnam News Agency on August 5 announced ten nominations for the 12th “Bui Xuan Phai: For Love of Hanoi” Awards.
bui vien pedestrian street bans vehicles as of july 15

Bui Vien Pedestrian Street bans vehicles as of July 15

Vehicles will be banned in Bui Vien Pedestrian Street, Ho Chi Minh city on a pilot basis as of July 15 to create habits for residents and tourists, according to People’s Committee of district 1.
bui vien street a night at the saigons drinking town

Bui Vien Street: A night at the Saigon's drinking town

What is a typical night at what is known as the ‘drinking town’ on Bui Vien Street in Ho Chi Minh City’s downtown area like?
ncb appointed former sun group ceo bui thi thanh huong as new chairwoman

NCB appointed former Sun Group CEO Bui Thi Thanh Huong as new chairwoman

Two new female executives have been appointed to the Board of Directors at National Commercial Joint Stock Bank (NCB).
vinpearl nha trang jsc buys 346 per cent of stake in nha trang port

Vinpearl Nha Trang JSC buys 34.6 per cent of stake in Nha Trang Port

Vinpearl Nha Trang JSC, a subsidiary of Vingroup, purchased 8.5 million shares, or 34.6 per cent of Nha Trang Port (CNH) on July 24.
intercontinental nha trang collaborates with nha trang tourism college

InterContinental Nha Trang collaborates with Nha Trang Tourism College

InterContinental Nha Trang – the latest international luxury hotel in Nha Trang city has signed a collaboration agreement with Nha Trang Tourism College.
it for men is yesterdays story

IT for men is yesterday’s story

Women nowadays play an important role in many sectors, including business, education, healthcare – even information technology (IT), the sector which people used to think belongs only to men.
the necklaces of co tu men

The necklaces of Co Tu men

Visitors to the villages of Co Tu ethnic minority people in Quang Nam Province on special festivals will have an opportunity to see men wearing the shining necklaces made of silver and agate besides the colorful and unique costumes dressed by young women.