Sanofi reinforces presence in Vietnam

November 12, 2021 | 09:25
The presence of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and the high-level Vietnamese government delegation at the signing ceremony of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation (Vinapharm) and Sanofi’s cooperation memorandum has reaffirmed the great significance in the concentration of the medical development and national green industrial ecosystem.
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh (middle) was present for the MoU signing in Paris last week
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh (middle) was present for the MoU signing in Paris last week

Thomas Triomphe, EVP of Sanofi Pasteur said, “The signing of those strategic activities confirms the sustainable cooperation relationship between Vinapharm and Sanofi and demonstrates our commitment to accompany Vietnam’s government in medical development and green industrial ecosystem improvement.”

As Vietnam has mostly emerged from social distancing restrictions and entered a new phase of safe adaptation, the pharmaceutical industry aims to consecutively minimise the dramatic impacts and consequences of the pandemic as well as focus on providing the greatest service for the national healthcare system.

Alongside the threat of COVID-19, there are also more severe illnesses and diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes that Vietnam’s medical system needs to handle on a constant basis. According to an August report from the World Health Organization, if insufficient investment is conducted in Vietnam, “the achievements in medical fields for the last two decades could be eliminated in a short time”.

As a consequence, medical-related activities are of more concern than ever before. The signing of cooperation, Sanofi said, places a milestone on the ambitious efforts to improve medical systems and accompanies the commitments made by PM Chinh at the UN’s COP26 climate conference last week.

From strategic establishment in 1993 to the brand new cooperative MoU, Vinapharm and Sanofi Vietnam have continued to prolong and strengthen their long-term collaboration. “The event concentrates on bringing high-quality medical products and services, helping Vietnamese people to change and use alternative power sources,” Triomphe asserted, while adding that the agreement goes some way to contributing to the good friendship between Vietnam and France.

For the medical industry, the two parties will actively collaborate and contribute to educational and awareness-raising activities about diseases in Vietnam. In addition, Sanofi is to provide Vietnamese agencies with GMP-compliant warehouses to store COVID-19 prevention medical equipment and supplies.

For a green industrial ecosystem, the MoU is to record the investment in domestic production and expansion of industrial plants for export. Sanofi Vietnam factories are already carrying out biomass energy projects using rice husks as a renewable energy source instead of diesel.

Besides the innovative healthcare resolutions, Sanofi has been known as a positive contributor to the national medical system over the years.

Since 2017, Sanofi has invested around $150 million and contributed $50 million in state and local taxes as well as $30 million in dividends to Vinapharm. Sanofi also filed a $13 million value of exports to Asian markets in 2020 and generated 1,200 additional direct jobs, in addition to 11,700 indirect jobs for domestic workforces.

In the fight against the pandemic, Sanofi donated around $56,500 to the Vietnam Red Cross in 2020; worked with the Trade Union to provide 17,000 N95 masks and 1,000 medical protective suits to frontline hospitals at a total value of $16,000; and provided warehouses to store medical equipment for hospitals since last year.

Emin Turan, country lead at Sanofi Vietnam and Cambodia, emphasised the role of Sanofi Vietnam in its upcoming journey. “We will continue to prioritise the healthcare system in Vietnam,” Turan said. “For over 60 years we have aimed to make as many contributions to the medical community and healthcare industry as possible, as well as committing to providing good healthcare conditions for the Vietnamese people. What we have achieved so far is an inspiration and motivation for all Sanofi Vietnam employees.”

By Bich Thuy

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