Looking forward on back of achievements

January 07, 2022 | 14:06
Last year was the first in which the whole nation organised many activities to implement the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, ushering in a new period in national renovation. Meanwhile, the world has been undergoing rapid and complicated upheavals.
Looking forward on back of achievements
By Bui Thanh Son - Minister of Foreign Affairs

In this context, it is required that the diplomatic sector has to continue maintaining an environment with peace and stability favourable for socioeconomic development and national protection, and enhancement of national prestige and status. Fully grasping the policies and directions set out by the 13th National Party Congress, and those advanced by the Party and state, diplomatic activities with three key pillars including Party diplomacy, state diplomacy, and people-to-people diplomacy have been implemented in concert, creativity, and effectiveness, with many important outcomes reaped as follows.

Firstly, we have strengthened ties with partners, especially with neighbouring nations, important partners, and traditional friends. Diplomatic activities of the Party and state leaders in the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress have been carried out flexibly based on online and offline methods. This has helped further consolidate trust and create bigger momentum for developing relationship with many partners, making important contributions to strengthening the diplomatic landscape stably, firmly maintaining the peaceful and stable environment, and enlisting resources for socioeconomic development, and enhancing the country’s international status and prestige.

Secondly, the effective implementation of the country’s policy on promoting multilateral diplomacy has continued highlighting Vietnam’s status and prestige. Especially, we have done a good job in accomplishing the role as non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2020-2021 term, promoting outcomes from Vietnam’s chairmanship of ASEAN 2020, with positive and responsible contributions to the construction of the ASEAN Community. Vietnam has also won a seat in many prestigious multilateral organisations such as the International Law Commission, the UNESCO Executive Council, and the Postal Operations Council of the Universal Postal Union, among others. We have also made responsible commitments on responding to climate change at COP26, and also made positive contributions in many other important multilateral forums.

Thirdly, together with national defence and security, diplomatic activities have also continued contributing to firmly sovereign protection, and territorial unity and integration, while firmly keeping a stable and peaceful environment. We have also been patient in boosting dialogues and negotiations with relevant nations in search of peaceful solutions for disputes, firmly keeping a friendly atmosphere, and protecting the borders with peace, cooperation, and development.

Next, the economic diplomatic work has also been deployed practically and effectively. Economic cooperation with partners has been maintained and expanded, with a rise in exports, and consolidation of trust from the international business community, and increased attraction of foreign direct investment. In particular, we have taken the initiative in boosting healthcare and vaccine diplomacy, enlisting timely and effective support from the international community fighting against the pandemic within Vietnam.

Furthermore, cultural diplomacy has continued broadly promoting the country’s image, people, and culture to the wider world. We have mobilised UNESCO to recognise six new heritages and honour three famous Vietnamese men. The government has enacted the country’s Strategy on Cultural Diplomacy until 2030, with the clear determination of targets, views, orientations, and tasks for relevant units in order to strengthen the effectiveness of cultural diplomacy, which can meet the nation’s requirement for development in the new period.

In addition, we have also carried out more comprehensively and strongly the task of overseas Vietnamese, contributing to further consolidating the national solidarity bloc, and mobilising more resources from them in service of national development and COVID-19 fight. In light of the 13th Politburo’s Conclusion No.120-KL/TW on overseas Vietnamese affairs in the new situation, the diplomatic sector has carried out many concrete programmes, especially those on taking care of and supporting overseas Vietnamese in maintaining the Vietnamese language and promoting the national cultural identities, obtaining legal status, ensuring livelihoods, and integrating in the society of the nations where they are living. This has helped further cement their sentiment with Vietnam as their motherland.

Finally, the work of citizen protection has been implemented effectively domestically and abroad. In 2021, we have organised about 500 flights, taking around 120,000 citizens from over 60 nations and territories back home safely. Simultaneously, we have also boosted the protection of fishermen and fishing vessels, and of our overseas citizens’ legitimate rights and interests.

These important outcomes have further highlighted the sound diplomatic policy of our Party and state, the support and consensus of the whole political system and the entire people, and the close combination of all units and sectors. This also includes very important contributions from agencies with foreign affairs, in which the diplomatic sector is the key driving force.

In promotion of the glorious tradition and achievements of the 35 years of renovation, the whole diplomatic sector under the leadership of the Party and the management of the state is showing its strong determination in developing itself into a more modern and comprehensive one in a bid to continue making big contributions to national protection and development.

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