Live: Talk show the path to smart factories in Vietnam

521 views - 24/06/2022 09:58
Industry leaders will gather at VIR’s talk show to discuss digital transformation with 5G and the path to smart factories in Vietnam.
Disruptive Industry 4.0 technologies are widely influencing both economic development and society, with manufacturing not an exception. The pandemic has seen manufacturing enterprises increase the use of ICT-enabled tools to handle this demanding environment and help production employees to become smarter, swifter, and safer.
With the projected rapid rise in production tools such as AI software, video recognition, AR/VR, automated vehicles, and more, 5G will deliver an array of innovative use cases to increase factory capabilities and boost agility, freeing operations from wired dependency.
In Vietnam, leading manufacturers are developing smart factories in anticipation of huge opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, however, there are challenges ahead.
Manufacturers are expecting 5G commercialisation to be launched as soon as possible to make factories more flexible and efficient than ever before.
The talk show will review the insights and trends of digital transformation and automation in Vietnam’s manufacturing, as well as highlight how 5G and digital transformation will increase local competitiveness in the years to come.
The talk show will see the participation of:
- David Liden -Trade commissioner of Sweden
- Seck Yee Chung - steering committee member, VBF Digital Economy Working Group
- Denis Brunetti - president of Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos
- Arghya Mandal -CEO of TH Milk JSC, TH Group
- Ha Do - Senior partner in charge of the KPMG Hanoi Office, KPMG in Vietnam