LG Electronics Vietnam launches new “TV masterpieces”

May 26, 2024 | 11:00
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LG Electronics Vietnam officially launched a series of new TVs with significant improvements in technology and design on May 23.

At the launch event “The Future Becomes Now", the LG OLED evo, LG OLED, LG QNED and Soundbar were unveiled, promising to offer viewers the ultimate entertainment experience.

LG Electronics Vietnam launches new “TV masterpieces”
LG Electronics Vietnam launched a series of new TVs on May 23

As a pioneering manufacturer in successfully applying Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, over the past 11 years, LG has continuously innovated and introduced OLED masterpieces to conquer all limits and reach new heights. 2024 marks a new era as LG continues to receive CES Innovation Awards. This is testament to LG's advanced technology and efforts to set ever-higher standards in the TV industry, bringing business-class entertainment experiences to users.

Continuing the journey of "persistent conquest", the LG OLED generation 2024 incorporates cutting edge technology and classy design. The 2024 line-up has the "ultimate freedom" LG OLED evo M4 - the world's first OLED TV with 4K wireless connection up to 144Hz. With the appearance of the wireless signal transceiver box Zero Connect Box that can be placed up to 9m away from the TV, the LG OLED evo M4 allows users to enjoy an airy entertainment space, without being disturbed by surrounding connection wires, and freedom to install and use peripheral devices without much dependence on TV location. The user's entertainment experience is also guaranteed to be seamless thanks to algorithms that determine the optimal connection and minimise transmission interruptions through the Zero Connect Box. Even for games that require high configuration and compatibility, the LG OLED evo M4 is recognised for its smooth transmission performance without any latency or display errors.

LG also opens the door to experience "ultimate intelligence" with the latest generation Alpha 11 processor on the OLED evo M4, and G4, providing AI and graphics performance improvements of up to 70 per cent and a faster processing speed than the previous generation.

LG Electronics Vietnam launches new “TV masterpieces”

In addition, LG takes advantage of intellectual strengths for other OLED products of the new TV generations. The features “AI Super Upscaling”, “Object Enhancing”, “Fine Tuning” help optimise visual effects. LG OLED TV 2024 leads users to immerse themselves in the ultimate cinematic space.

Since the launch of the LG QNED TV - the first high-end LCD TV on the market in 2020, LG has surprised users by demonstrating unique technologies through each generation. With the 2024 series QNED99, QNED91, QNED86, and QNED80, LG continues to bring the ultimate multisensory feast with outstanding upgrades, setting new standards in the high-end large screen category.

The highlight of the LG QNED 2024 TV line comes from the unique Million Grey Scale technology, capable of adjusting detailed brightness for each small image block, thereby increasing contrast and accuracy of colour confirmation. As a result, QNED TV enhances image details up to 64 times, providing visual highlights and improving shadow detail and sharpness.

In addition, QNED 2024 TV expands the maximum screen size up to 98', opening up an ultimate adventure journey, helping users to fill their senses. Notably, the product still retains its ultra-thin design, ensuring elegance with a thickness of 29.7mm and 30.9mm.

With the goal of enhancing the entertainment experience for users, LG also introduces a new generation of soundbars with seamless integration as well as optimised design and performance on the LG 2024 TV lineup.

In addition to combining Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced to bring cinematic sound experiences, the AI features on the 2024 soundbar generation are upgraded, detecting and adjusting sound to suit each type of content. The three-level spatial audio mode adds a layer of virtuality to create a rich and realistic surround sound, delivering a lively and immersive audio experience.

Continuing its user-centric strategy, LG integrates the latest webOS platform on the 2024 TV line-up, providing an entertainment treasure with diverse content and personalisation capabilities for different members of the family. Besides, LG is also the only brand committed to maintaining and continuously updating the webOS platform for five years.

At the event, Song Ikhwan, general director of Sales & Marketing, LG Electronics, Vietnam said, "On the journey to create a better life every day for users with smart technology solutions, our TV line-ups have always been a source of pride for LG as we continue to set new standards, enhancing the home entertainment experience of global users with unique values. With the outstanding improvements to the 2024 TV line-up, LG expects to open an era of masterpieces and perfect user experience, affirming its position as a leader beyond the times."

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