High-end customers pave the way for specialised financial product ecosystem

June 10, 2024 | 09:46
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With the growth of the middle class in the Vietnamese market, amidst a positively growing economy, the number of high-end customers for financial institutions, banks, and securities companies is steadily increasing. Dau Thi Kim Nhung, head of Retail Marketing at Vietcombank, covers priority customer activities with VIR’s Hazy Tran.

What are the insights on the priority customer segment in the Vietnamese market?

High-end products and services for the middle class are receiving increasing attention. To meet the needs of this special customer group, especially in the financial sector, products must meet strict requirements from aesthetics to quality, offering impressive privileges while ensuring security and meticulousness in every service.

High-end customers pave the way for specialised financial product ecosystem
Dau Thi Kim Nhung, head of Retail Marketing at Vietcombank

For over five years, Vietcombank Priority has provided a specialised ecosystem of financial products and services, aiming to comprehensively meet needs ranging from payments, savings, and credit to premium utilities, perks, and specialised investment and insurance demands. In December, Vietcombank launched the market’s most premium credit card – the Vietcombank Visa Infinite, offering numerous superior privileges in lifestyle, travel, global premium concierge services, and unique culinary experiences.

Alongside enhancing and perfecting the products and services provided to Vietcombank Priority customers, we are also developing a specialised banking brand for the ultra-rich segment. This will offer both financial and non-financial solutions, including asset management, investment, savings, and future generations’ wealth preservation and management.

With Vietcombank’s reputation and deep understanding of the high-end customer segment, and the unique advantages provided by reputable subsidiaries like VCBF Blue Chip Fund and Vietcombank Securities, Vietcombank is confident in the ability to robustly support clients in all areas, especially in the most specialised and private financial transactions.

High-end products and services are receiving increasing attention. How is the Vietcombank priority service different?

At Vietcombank, operation goes with the principle of customer-centricity, continuously developing and improving products to better meet customer needs in the journey of enjoying premium privileges. Besides a specialised ecosystem of financial products and services, Vietcombank Priority is designed to provide customers with distinguished experiences and privileges across various fields such as travel, dining, golf, and healthcare.

Not only does Vietcombank invest in technology infrastructure and high-quality personnel, but Vietcombank Priority also focuses on specialised transaction locations, spaces, and service models to offer a quick, private, and comfortable experience, commensurate with the value that Priority customers bring.

With superior financial solutions and valuable experiences, the Vietcombank Priority service has attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.

Vietcombank is one of the pioneering banks in Vietnam in digital transformation. How has the process been unfolding?

As a pioneer in innovation, Vietcombank consistently focuses on developing and applying modern technologies to enhance service quality. From 2018 to 2023, Vietcombank implemented and operated many new systems such as enterprise resource planning, multidimensional profit analysis, human resource management systems, and various digital transformation projects to enhance operational capacity and management following international standards.

Most recently, at the Banking Digital Transformation 2024 event in May, Vietcombank introduced a highly acclaimed solution for identification and authentication through direct connection between the VCB Digibank app and the VneID app. Vietcombank is the first and only bank to deploy this solution, offering a seamless and fully online experience for users, increasing convenience and enhancing security and safety for customer transactions.

Vietcombank views digital transformation as crucial and a key growth driver for the future. With a strategic goal towards 2030 to remain number one in Vietnam, ranking among the top 200 largest financial banking groups in the world, and one of the top 700 largest listed companies globally, Vietcombank has laid out a digital transformation action plan with specific goals and clear timelines to gradually enhance customer experience, increase operational efficiency and quality, and expand its reach regionally and globally.

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By Hazy Tran

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