Dien Quang Lamp launches new smart lighting solution

June 03, 2019 | 16:00
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Dien Quang Lamp JSC has launched the second generation of the Apollo smart lighting solution with numerous outstanding functions which can help households save on electricity.  
dien quang lamp launches new smart lighting solution
Dien Quang Lamp launches new lighting smart solution for the industry segment

The second generation of Apollo is kitted out with a variety of useful functions, such as automatic light adjustment, easy connection, and easy control via smartphones, and a greater palette for lighting.

Besides, instead of being designed for household customers as the first generation, the second generation of Apollo can be installed for business customers with separate smart solutions, including solutions for offices, for warehouse and garage, for restaurants and hotels, showrooms, or indeed apartments.

dien quang lamp launches new smart lighting solution
The solution for public lighting system

Notably, regarding the solution for offices, facilities, schools, and convenience stores, the light system will take maximum advantage from natural light in order to save electricity expenses but ensure the requisite light level. Besides, the system can automatically adjust the light level.

Regarding the garage and warehouse segment, the second generation of Apollo can automatically adjust light intensity by 20-30 per cent compared to the designed capacity when there are no vehicles and people in the area. Thus, with the requirement of having lighting all day at the garage and warehouse, this solution can help businesses save massive amounts of money.

dien quang lamp launches new smart lighting solution
Lighting smart solution with 16 million colours

Besides, with 16 million colours, the solution is designed to adjust the light level and colour to suit the different demands and activities, including working, relaxation, and romantic occasions, among others. The system even takes into account the seasons and other factors to determine the perfect lighting intensity.

Furthermore, Apollo uses the international-standard connecting app SIG Mesh, which allows users to control other electric equipment, including the air conditioner, door locks, and curtains with a single app.

In addition, in order to deal with public lighting, while simultaneously saving for city and provincial authorities as well as the managing boards of buildings, Dien Quang Lamp entered into co-operation with Schréder Group from Belgium to create the smart lighting solution using Owlet technology with numerous useful functions. The system is particularly easy to use and maintain.

Via methodical investment in R&D and building factories to consecutively launch new products to bring convenience to customers, Dien Quang Lamp has shifted from bing a normal lighting provider into a pioneer of smart lighting and smart house solutions.

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