Defining the role of the press in business

September 27, 2023 | 07:00
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To mark the 32nd anniversary of Vietnam Investment Review, members of domestic and international organisations as well as the business community share their sentiments about its role, including contributions to drive business development.
Defining the role of the press in business

Keijo Norvanto, Ambassador of Finland to Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

On behalf of the Embassy of Finland to Vietnam and the Finnish business communities in Vietnam, I would like to congratulate Vietnam Investment Review on its 32nd anniversary.

I would like to express our appreciation to the VIR editors and its dedicated and talented reporters for their continuous work, introducing the Vietnam business environment and opportunities to Finnish businesses. Moreover, VIR’s continuous cooperation with us provides the audience with Finnish experiences and know-how in education, circular economy, and other advanced technologies.

The Vietnamese government committed to net-zero by 2050 and recently joined the Just Energy Transition Partnership declaration that aims to contribute to Vietnam’s sustainable development. In that, Finland possesses globally competitive technology and expertise in many areas, which will help Vietnam achieve the country-set targets.

Additionally, our proven technology in flexible energy, waste-to-energy, meteorology, sustainable forestry, sustainable water and waste management, telecommunications, smart cities, digitalisation, startups, and innovation will contribute to Vietnam’s sustainable development, energy transition, climate change mitigation, digital economy, and many more areas.

This year, Vietnam and Finland mark 50 years of a long-lasting friendship and fruitful cooperation. VIR has contributed to the achievement and we are looking forward to working closely in connecting more businesses between Vietnam and Finland, for the mutually beneficial development of both countries.

Kees van Baar, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

This year is special for Vietnam and the Netherlands, as we celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations. In Vietnam and in the Netherlands, meaningful events and activities have taken place, and we can find much of that information in the Vietnamese media.

VIR has been a reliable and rich source of information on Vietnam’s economy and business development for international investors, traders, innovators, and also for the diplomat community. For Dutch stakeholders, it is even more important since for years, the Netherlands has been the largest EU investor in Vietnam with a cumulative investment of $13.7 billion by the end of 2022.

Our countries have established close and deep cooperation in sectors which each has its own advantages, such as water and climate, agriculture, logistics, green energy, and the circular economy. Moreover, Dutch high-tech companies are eyeing Vietnam to expand their businesses, with 10 high-tech manufacturing companies visiting Vietnam in March this year and another much larger business delegation in the same sector will be visiting the country this November.

For the years to come, the Netherlands will closely cooperate with Vietnam to foster cooperation in aquaculture, smart logistics, and other priority sectors as well as to develop policy frameworks to be in line with European and international regulations in green transformation.

On the occasion of 32 years of VIR, we celebrate the great things you have accomplished and look forward to all that is to come.

Nguyen Hong Ngan, senior external relations officer, World Bank in Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

As one of the pioneering newspapers targeting expatriate and business communities, VIR has experienced continuous growth, consistently delivering accurate, insightful, and current information to its readers. It has firmly established itself as an indispensable part of Vietnam’s media landscape, earning the trust and loyalty of international organisations such as the World Bank, foreign enterprises, and investors engaged in Vietnam.

VIR’s commendable efforts have provided invaluable information, reports, and perspectives in this era of media prominence. The newspaper’s commitment to professionalism in reporting has consistently garnered public appreciation. Throughout our years of collaboration, we have witnessed its role as an effective conduit for disseminating government policies and the latest developments in the Vietnamese economy.

As Vietnam embarks on a new phase of development this year, VIR, too, is evolving to meet the rising demands of its audience. The public now expects higher standards in content, presentation, and timely information delivery. Numerous opportunities await the newspaper in continuing to captivate and engage the new generation of readers.

I would like to extend special appreciation to the dedicated VIR team for their significant contribution to promoting national development priorities, particularly in achieving inclusive, green, and sustainable growth, which align with the World Bank’s support for Vietnam’s development agenda.

Denny Abdi, Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

As nations strive to face the current global situation, we realise that cooperation is the only means to address these transnational challenges.

Indonesia and Vietnam have made significant progress in collaborating in various sectors to address common challenges. This constant cooperation between us has resulted in our rapid economic recovery. Last year, Indonesia and Vietnam enjoyed a respectable GDP growth of 5.31 and 8.02 per cent respectively, higher than the global average of 3.1 per cent.

In 2023, Indonesia and Vietnam commemorate 10 years of our strategic partnership. Going forward, cooperation in future economics is important. This includes high-tech industries, renewable energy, digital economy, fisheries, and agriculture.

These are economies of the future, ones that will pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous economy for the people. Collaboration between Indonesia and Vietnam in these areas will be fundamental in our pursuit to become high-income countries by 2045 and at the same time also achieve our net-zero commitments.

Given the dynamics and complexity of global challenges, nations need to collaborate and navigate challenges into opportunities. This spirit of collaboration was highlighted by President Joko Widodo at the 2023 ASEAN summit as the current chair of the bloc. Deriving from this statement, Indonesia and Vietnam must continue to foster cooperation to ensure that the ship can continue to sail amidst the storm.

The role of information in uncovering opportunities and showcasing potential cooperation is significant. However, the complexity rises given today’s democratisation of information that makes the acquisition and spread of information accessible to anyone. Hence, in this digital era where unreliable information can circulate faster than the truth, it is important to be able to seek a reliable source of information.

For 32 years, VIR has become a top source of information for business leaders, diplomats, researchers, experts, and others in Vietnam. It has put itself at the forefront of credible journalism, providing extensive and inclusive articles, and can showcase different perspectives.

This reliable journalism is important for Vietnam’s efforts in attracting investment from various stakeholders, as well as to enhance its economic cooperation with other countries.

The outlet has stood through challenging times, and now there is a global shift from text-based media to visual-based media. On VIR’s anniversary, I wish for prolonged success for years to come.

Ramla Khalidi, resident representative in Vietnam, UN Development Programme

Defining the role of the press in business

This publication’s broad coverage of the Vietnamese government’s work on socioeconomic development and other issues has provided an important platform for exchanging information and opinions on Vietnam’s journey to achieve global sustainable development goals. This includes diverse perspectives on progress and achievements in implementing key strategies and plans for socioeconomic development, green growth, climate change, and business development in Vietnam.

VIR’s weekly updates on the economy, business, investment, industry, technology, and the environment are a valuable resource for a diverse audience of readers. The commitment to green and low-carbon sustainable development, focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, green transportation, the circular economy, environmental protection, climate change, and disaster risk management is commendable.

We are also delighted to see VIR championing green and low-carbon sustainable development and resilience building by serving as a reliable source of information.

Working closely with the government, we help strengthen the resilience of vulnerable people and communities in different regions of Vietnam, accelerate a just energy transition, expand renewable energy, conserve biodiversity, and promote nature-based solutions.

We extend our best wishes for VIR’s continued success.

Dang Huu Cu, communications specialist in Vietnam, Asian Development Bank

Defining the role of the press in business

The press is particularly important in following and reporting news and events, as well as disseminating information and data on socioeconomic development in Vietnam and around the world. The press facilitates two-way communications between the government and the people, providing information and opinions from society for policymakers to consider and promptly make decisions.

We follow the media for up-to-date policies of the government of Vietnam, and supplementary data for reference and use in our multi-sectoral research on the country. For us, VIR is one of the must-read newspapers because of its interesting content and useful data. Local media in general has been frequently publishing interviews and articles by our experts, which encourage discussions among a wide range of readers about challenges and opportunities in Vietnam’s development endeavours.

These opinion-sharing articles or policy recommendations also helped readers have broader perspectives, thereby making positive contributions to the country’s policy development and innovation, supporting consensus in the public on new policies.

VIR has helped raise public awareness about our operations in Vietnam, and features assorted stories about the successes and impacts of financed projects nationwide. It does not only publish positive aspects of the implementation of projects financed by the Asian Development Bank - some stories have also highlighted shortcomings in project administration.

These stories not only help the project executing agency to promptly handle the violations, but also help the sponsors find out those defects in time to coordinate with the management agency in order to strengthen measures and management tools, strengthen monitoring and supervision, aiming to ensure transparency and effectiveness in investment.

I commend the way VIR features the macroeconomic situation of the country via in-depth stories. We are also proud to have contributions to those stories, when reporters often ask for our views on issues related to socioeconomic development in Vietnam.

Michele Wee, CEO, Standard Chartered (Vietnam)

Defining the role of the press in business

VIR plays a pivotal role in providing the latest updates about Vietnam’s economic developments, and its business and investment climate. My colleagues and I have benefited a lot from the news and reports carried by VIR.

As Vietnam is making efforts to attract high quality overseas funding and promote green growth and sustainable development, it is important that outstanding achievements of businesses are recognised. VIR not only highlights the contributions of Standard Chartered Bank to Vietnam’s economic growth but also inspires other businesses in general to strive for success, excellence, and innovation.

The conference themed “Strong Investment Partnerships for a Thriving Vietnam” organised in May, for example, was an event we were honoured to take part in.

Standard Chartered Vietnam has made a significant milestone in our commitment to Vietnam, marked by a substantial $60 million capital injection. This injection underscores our bank’s unwavering dedication to the country and its long-term strategy of bolstering onshore business operations through the foreign direct investment.

We will celebrate 120 years of operation in Vietnam in 2024, reaffirming our long-term investment and commitment in the country. We look forward to our continued strong collaboration in providing valuable insights to readers and contributing to economic growth.

Gregory Testerman, chairman of the Board, American Chamber of Commerce Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

For three decades, VIR has provided great insight into the driving forces behind Vietnam’s dynamic economy. We appreciate the coverage of every sector, from the digital economy to healthcare to renewable energy to manufacturing, including hot topics like AI, the semiconductor industry, and evolving supply chains.

Our members also appreciate your events, which provide real-time engagement with experts. We look forward to many more years of successful coverage of topics that matter to investors in Vietnam. The leadership team, editors, and reporters have worked hard to bring hot news and profound articles to readers.

The success of VIR is all due to the dedicated team. We greatly appreciate VIR’s support in conveying our activities to the community.

Defining the role of the press in business

Marko Walde, chief representative Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos, AHK

Defining the role of the press in business

Throughout our longstanding partnership with VIR, we have witnessed the newspaper’s evolution into a multi-product press agency, serving as a steadfast companion to both domestic and foreign enterprises.

Over the years, it has played a vital role in shaping the business landscape in Vietnam, and we are proud to have been a part of this journey. As an organisation dedicated to fostering economic cooperation between Germany and Vietnam, AHK Vietnam has had the privilege of collaborating closely with VIR to promote investment opportunities that benefit both countries.

Thanks to its comprehensive coverage and insightful analysis, we have successfully demonstrated the enormous potential of the Vietnamese market to our German counterparts. As a result, we have witnessed a substantial surge in German investments in Vietnam, which has led to the growth of various sectors and the creation of numerous job opportunities.

Furthermore, through the media, we have effectively conveyed our message and recommendations to government authorities at all levels, supporting them in enhancing the investment environment.

This proactive approach will enable Vietnam to draw in high-quality and sustainable green capital inflows from Germany and the rest of Europe, fostering long-term investments that prioritise both economic growth and environmental sustainability.

In the realm of international business, media engagement plays a crucial role, and VIR has been an exceptional partner in this endeavour. Its professionalism and dedication have been instrumental in fostering fruitful connections between German and Vietnamese enterprises. The influential platforms provided by VIR have allowed us to effectively communicate the investment climate in Vietnam to our German audience, highlighting the attractive opportunities available.

Trang Bui, country head, Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

The celebration of 32 years of VIR is a significant milestone that reflects its contribution and commitment to Vietnam’s business landscape. Establishing a presence in the media landscape shortly after the Law on Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam was introduced, I firmly believe that VIR has contributed greatly to the growth and development of the market since then.

We appreciate the opportunities to share our expertise on commercial real estate and take part in driving transparency and excellence for the property market. Through the years, VIR has built a strong platform that acts as a bridge between foreign business communities and the public. For many investors and businesses that are interested in exploring opportunities in Vietnam, it offers valuable information, diverse expert insights, and crucial analysis for business decision-making.

Beyond traditional news reporting, we appreciate that the outlet continuously expands its role by organising special conferences like the M&A Forum and Industrial Property Forum where businesses can meet, connect, and share their ideas and insights. These events are undoubtedly a highlight in our business calendar and we are excited about what’s next on VIR’s future journey.

Edwin Tan, deputy CEO, Frasers Property Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

We would also like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the valuable support of VIR’s reporters and the editorial board for our company over the years. The newspaper provides excellent information on the current business environment and provides insight into how local enterprises and the government interact with foreign corporations for the benefit of Vietnam’s continued economic development.

We are unified by our commitment to deliver inspiring experiences, creating places for good. With deep and localised knowledge, we continue to seize opportunities to expand real estate assets, from industrial and commercial to residential, as our long-term commitment to being vested in Vietnam. VIR is a partner that helps us to deliver our purpose, and has long been an indispensable media partner for our business operations in Vietnam.

Binh Le Vandekerckove, CEO, ASART Deal Advisory

Defining the role of the press in business

Vietnam has been an attractive destination for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and international trade, despite the current global challenges and uncertainties. Domestic companies are also taking the initiative in seeking strategic partnerships with foreign investors to enhance their competitiveness and innovation.

VIR and its sister publications have played an important role in reporting these developments, as well as providing insights and analysis on the drivers, opportunities, and challenges of M&A transactions in Vietnam. They also help inform and educate their readers about the benefits and risks of such deals, as well as foster a positive environment for M&A transactions in Vietnam.

I believe that VIR and its sister publications can improve their roles by continuing to provide high-quality journalism that is objective, accurate, timely, and relevant. A paper presence is a valuable tradition we should keep, and VIR and its sister publications can enhance their creditability by having more subject-matter experts in their editorial and award assessment boards and enhance their digital presence and engagement with their readers to create more interactive and dynamic content.

Tim Evans, CEO, HSBC Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

The Vietnamese economy has experiencing significant challenges this year. Most are to do with the impact of becoming more globally integrated and therefore exposed to economic downturns in key export markets.

It is at times like this, that people seek to understand the environment and what the outlook might be so that they can make informed decisions about how to position their companies for today and the future. The media has an important role in informing people about the external environment so that they can take well-judged decisions for their businesses.

VIR, together with its professional conferences, have helped to inform about the dynamic and fast-moving Vietnamese economy. They have helped inform readers both locally and internationally about the opportunities that Vietnam offers and have helped fly the flag for the country as it continues to transition to a middle-income country.

It has also not limited its information to purely economic and business issues but has also been an active voice in highlighting the need for the country to embrace the transition to net-zero, given how much the country is being adversely impacted by climate change.

Ronald Tay, CEO, CapitaLand Development (Vietnam)

Defining the role of the press in business

This year, we celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations and 10 years of a strategic partnership between Vietnam and Singapore, a milestone that reflects the strong friendship between the two countries. As a part of this celebration, we are also delighted to mark the 32 years of VIR.

We value the publication’s role in providing reliable and timely information on the economic and social developments in Vietnam, as well as the opportunities and challenges for foreign investors. VIR has also been a platform for dialogue and collaboration among the government, the private sector, and the society, fostering mutual understanding and trust.

My company has been operating in Vietnam for nearly three decades, and in recent years we have participated in many of VIR’s special publications on sustainable development and property.

Next year will mark 30 years of CapitaLand’s presence in Vietnam. We hope that VIR will continue to be our media partner for business promotion and contributing to the socioeconomic development of Vietnam.

Paul Fisher, country head, JLL (Vietnam)

Defining the role of the press in business

JLL Vietnam greatly appreciate our partnership with VIR, a publication that demonstrates both expertise and dedication in fostering insightful discussions within the Vietnam business community. VIR is an invaluable platform facilitating dialogue and meaningful interactions among market participants and playing a crucial role in elevating Vietnamese commerce.

The events organised by VIR are of the highest standard and provide opportunities for businesses to engage directly with key stakeholders and share perspectives on the latest business trends, key market dynamics and thought leadership.

JLL Vietnam was delighted to collaborate with VIR on two significant events in 2023, where both JLL colleagues and our clients could benefit from the insightful presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities. We hold this partnership in the highest regard and eagerly anticipate these occasions.

Angus Liew, chairman, Gamuda Land Vietnam

Defining the role of the press in business

VIR delivers reliable information about the Vietnamese market, as well as timely transmission of new government policies, and business and investment recommendations. VIR is a trustworthy news source for Malaysian developers like Gamuda Land, as well as foreign corporations looking to expand into Vietnam.

I appreciate the ability of VIR reporters to create highly intellectual products, covering many fields, from diplomacy, investment, finance, banking, to the environment and tourism.

Gamuda Land and VIR have both changed dramatically in 10 years of collaboration. The articles carefully reflect the projects, talk shows, sponsorship programmes, and social activities that Gamuda is implementing in Vietnam, serving as a bridge to bring Gamuda Land closer to the Vietnamese market.

Along with print and online publications, VIR now boasts newer, more special developments, typically multi-disciplinary events, discussions, and seminars for businesses and investors. In the future, as one of the businesses advocating sustainable development, Gamuda Land hopes to cooperate with VIR to organise seminars to exchange with businesses and investors interested in this realm.

Pham Duy Khuong, managing partner, ASL LAW

Defining the role of the press in business

In today’s environment, information and communication are crucial elements in the operations of both local and international businesses, as well as diplomatic institutions within Vietnam. VIR has effectively fulfilled its role of providing information and communication support to these entities.

VIR has delivered high-quality information to individuals and enterprises, aiding their comprehension of the Vietnamese business market. The newspaper has played a vital part in fostering a welcoming, open, and transparent business environment.

Notably, VIR has consistently provided accurate and up-to-date information about Vietnam’s market, business landscape, and macroeconomics. This has instilled confidence in foreign investors and aided them in making effective investment decisions in Vietnam.

ASL LAW has maintained a close partnership with VIR in various events and legal analysis reports, contributing to the enhancement and upkeep of legal information pertaining to Vietnam for the global market.

On the occasion of VIR’s 32nd anniversary, ASL LAW extends its heartfelt wishes to the dedicated staff of VIR. We hope that VIR will continue to be a reputable, high-quality, and transparent source of information, supporting businesses both within and beyond the borders, overcoming all obstacles, and expanding development in Vietnam and around the world.

Warrick Cleine, CEO, KPMG Vietnam and Cambodia

Defining the role of the press in business

As a source of up-to-date information on the Vietnamese economy, business environment, and government policies, VIR provides foreign businesses with current information. Our firm belief is that well-informed investors make better decisions, and the contribution made by VIR in providing reliable and comprehensive business news has played a significant role in supporting this endeavour.

The newspaper also plays a crucial role in providing accurate, timely, and in-depth coverage that aligns perfectly with our commitment at KPMG. We hope that VIR will continue to provide high-quality information and analysis on the Vietnamese economy, business environment, and government policies.

Lance Li, CEO, BW Industrial Development

Defining the role of the press in business

On the occasion of VIR’s anniversary, BW extends our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for the valued partnership over the past few years. Since inception, the outlet has become a trailblazer in Vietnam, covering comprehensive political, social, business, and economic life.

VIR is BW’s strategic communication partner and plays an important role as a vital bridge connecting foreign-invested enterprises with government ministries. Through their ongoing transformation and diversification of media products, we believe that VIR will continue to uphold its foremost status in the media landscape, providing essential support for the growth and expansion of enterprises in Vietnam.

Defining the role of the press in business

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